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31 December 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Andy Warhol's Debbie Harry and Friends

It is Debbie Harry! I really wanted to be like her when I was a kid. Mind you I am all of 22, by the time I was into Blondie they were already played out. But I love Andy Warhol films and it is possible you do too. What else is there to say? The shimmery fabrics in the last take are inspiration for a new year's eve outfit I won't have time to construct but still dream about. And...I want the shorts that guy is wearing. What is your favorite piece in the video?

PS. I am back to posting and my usual jive. I have missed my readers very much!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

24 December 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Naughty and Nice

Happy Holidays! I will not deny you another Fashion Film Friday, even if it is coming a little late. 'Tis the season of giving so I am presenting two videos today of polar opposite. I hope you are all well. If you are not at your destination yet have safe travels. I am taking a much needed break, see you soon for more fun!

Acousmatic: Vera Ivanova; Directed, cut, camera: Andrey Nikolaev; Starring: Natasha Sych; Styling: Danila Polyakov; Producer: Oleg Rozenthal

The naughty: This first video reminds me of Black Swan and the crappy feeling of standing all day at work with 3 hours of sleep. The soundtrack and poise of the models is what attracted me to this video in the first place. There is some allure in creepy things. The music was produced in 2001 with the theremin, a creepy instrument in its own right that takes years and years to play properly. Simplicity adds to the uncertain nature of this film. Expect to hear more on this blog about the director Andrey Nikolaev.

Director - David Lemm; Sound - The Gothenburg Address; Styling - Alexandra Fiddes, Frances Spencer; Principle photographer on shoot- Darran Barton; Hair and make up - Katie Angus; Assistant - Emma Segal; Model - Romane at Superior Model Management; Location - Jack Kane Community Centre, Edinburgh

The nice: David Lemm is good at the moving lookbook. He does fast paced editorials as well that leave the viewer salivating for just a few more glimpses. The first video is from the e-shop Moon and Mars, who have some really cute Carin Wester boots on sale. The second video is an oldie of Lemm's that is more a fashion jewelry video but I have yet to see any director or stylist do it quite like this. This falls into the nice category because sparkles and smiles and dance music always do! Let me know what you think of the films below!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D. 

23 December 2010

Fave albums of...2010

This is a fashion blog but I figured I would clue you in to what my musical favorites have been over the past 12 months. This isn't a complete list because blogger somehow deleted the other half of this post. I can do favorite songs of the month if you are interested so please give me your feedback.
Teenage Millionares
 Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swagg by broreis 
+Death Note

Okay. The album looks awful, just my opinion, but Deuces is a classic.

"Time To Die"
 The Dodos - Fables by Wichita Recordings

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"
What can I say, this album just sounds awesome. But I can definitely tell that the emotion....just isn't there.
   12 Lost In the World feat. Bon Iver by bahay kubo

 The Walkmen - Victory by everythingstartssomewhere

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

22 December 2010


I love seeing my friends out and about. For two months now it has meant more to me to be around the one I love and the ones that love me back. Going out has been so much fun because I am able to de-stress. Also, there are some wicked awesome Djs in my town so there is a surprising array of music out there to be exposed to. Hell, even my roommates boyfriend is a Dj. So yes I wouldn't suggest that Bmore is "the place to be" for Djs but I have a good time and always dance my...but off. This time around Cult Baltimore was having an event at Club Phoenix.

All photos of myself were taken by Lynley B. All photos were edited by Joy D.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

21 December 2010

Help a sister out....

Joking titles aside...

A friend of mine Sister Wolf, who has delighted me with satire about the fashion world for a year now, is in dire need of a roof repair. Wendy Brandes as the great philanthropic is donating over half of the funds from every necklace purchased to help Sister Wolf out. As a limited time perk Wendy is donating money to the cause for every swear ring set purchased. $1455 has been raised this far, so just in time for the holidays give TWO gifts in one!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

20 December 2010

We are in Business!

If you follow me on Twitter than you know the first five listings are up on my Etsy page. This is a Nancy Bracoloni number that I wish I could squeeze into myself. I am excited to have a full fledged studio in a week's time. A few more listings will be up tonight and tomorrow. Expect new listings every week! A long time coming for a book worm like me. Next month I will start taking personal shopper requests. I already have a few clients! I hope you all are well prepared for the holiday and the New Year, I have sent out my holiday cards, you should receive them in a few days.

Sidenote: Being productive for me is like a yogi reaching nirvana. Working on the things I am passionate about keeps me happy so I am thrilled about the upcoming projects I am working on. And before we all know it Fashion Month will be back with a vengeance.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

19 December 2010

Carine and Curly cue updates

|There was going to be this whole convoluted post about the Carine Roitfeld departure from Vogue, but...
I will just do it here. First of all, WTF? The rumors have been piling in from regular media and fashion media a like. Is it true she will be the editor until March? Some of the stories just don't add up but I do love a juicy fashion story. Who knows maybe this is the next great fashion editor shift of Summer 2010. (Do you guys even remember that, it happened so fast.)

Thank you to Abdu for taking this lovely photo.
Scarf: Virginia vintage/ Sweater: Crofts and Barron/ Pants: vintage, hemmed by Granny

I am really loving my hair, it doesn't hurt getting compliment all the time. It is nice to know that I can get a maximum of 10 hours over 5 days and still look somewhat presentable. Ugh, I hate finals week. The worst is over: one of the many projects I had included a sock puppet allegory of post-modernism. Ok so it was just sock puppets and stock footage of....well here, see for yourself:

I don't rap like Tavi or Christina, I make crazy-silly videos.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

16 December 2010

Blogger Alert!:

I know I am filling the blog with a lot of Baltimore love but I think it is a little over due. Abdu is one righteous fashion blogger that speaks from his heart with every post. He is an inspiration to me because he pulls only from his own interests. His blog is, take a look and I guarantee you will become enamored. I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with him recently and even in his bundled up attire he managed to work it! 

1. What is your name? Abdu "Ali" Eaton with a capital A.

2. Why do you blog about fashion? Do you see it as a career? It has always been apart of my upbringing from my momz making sure I was fresh with all the Tommy Hilfiger gear, the latest timberland boots, and Felas too. So I always had pride in my attire and the way that I presented my self but I did not grow a passion for it until high school. I joined a fashion group, coped me a Harpers Bazaar. And there it was: the fashion bug done bit my ass. So I've been in a committed relationship with her(fashion) since I was 15. What a romance. Not only do I see blogging about fashion as a career, I see it as a lifelong dream of inspirations.

13 December 2010

Why Resort and Pre-fall Collections Count

                    < A.P.C's Resort Collection >

We see them nestled in between each season and wax poetic about these smaller collections. Collections that often offer a little more of a relationship with creativity and commodity. Why do they exist? Who the heck invented this idea of a resort collection? I am definitely going to talk a little bit about the former but will leave the latter for some necessary research paper for class. I find that both resort and pre-fall collections are relevant to the flow of the creative process of the designer. At the same time I see the collections as more marketable. 

Who knows how the resort collection was originally conceived. But the idea was to present a special selection of high fashion that was for that wonderful holiday. Chanel Resort was my favorite last season. That would definitely lend itself to the idea that resort is for playing around on the beaches of St. Tropez. Karl Lagerfeld is especially famous for evoking this "airy" and "light" feeling during his resort collections. For me it is easier to see and observe where a designer is coming from during Resort because they are working with this weird constricting concept of traveling in warm weather. So how does pre-fall fit in? 

Pre-fall collections are my favorite! They always define classic. I use A.P.C as an example because it is a good model for how most pre-fall collections want to appeal to a broader consumer. Ports 1961 is another example of clean cuts, rich colors, and creativity in the presentation. There seems to be less pressure for designers to present a def-defying cut or concept during the pre-fall and so the word casual is used quite often. Casual seems too bland. However I, as a consumer, would love to own more from pre-fall collections because they seem less fussy. This is the point! We are in time when designers not only feel pressure to create but also to create a brand in order to make money. There is nothing wrong with it but it produces interesting collections.

Before posting this mini essay I talked with two friends, Amanda and Jp, and they were quite helpful. I asked a few other friends off handedly and the general public consensus is that while these collections are vague in meaning they serve a relevant purpose to both the designer and the consumer.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

11 December 2010

Baltimore Favorites: Cult Baltimore

As I reflect on where my life is going at the moment I realize there is a constant urge to do more. That is because I am constantly pushed by the creatives in my town. Along with my friends this town manages to ground me somehow so why not show off the town that has birthed Billie Holiday, Beach House, and Frank Zappa. This is a spotlight on some of the fun things about Baltimore ,a place I have grown to love. A little while ago I interviewed JP, the owner of Cult: a store with an amazing selection of garments.

Why did you open Cult?I like denim, vintage sneakers and leather jacket. There is no real place to really buy them. I thought if we [Baltimore] had a shop that we curated ourselves, with no flares or butterfly collars, that focused on sharp and angular vintage it would be a fun place to go.

Did you have any inspiration for opening the shop? No people really, more so music. Around the late 70s early 80s. There was a strong aesthetic and DIY scene going on. And I have always been drawn to it.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the shop? There is a Helmut Lang dress from the runway. It is quintessential Helmut Lang from around 1998/1999. When we first opened we had a lot of Ksubi, my favorite was the best dressed vest. Also there was a Ralph Lauren sweater called a “Picture's knit”. It had a lot of Ralph Lauren iconography pieced together, highly collectable. And those are just the ones that pop through my head immediately.

How did you decide the location for Cult?Well when we first got the building it was kind of shabby but we lucked out. I live in Mt. Vernon and it is a part of Baltimore that I most appreciate.

 Who designs for Cult? Myself, Arthur, Eliot, and a bunch of others that form a design collective. Eliot has a line called Gan Banthat has a similar aesthetic. Holden takes very good pictures and has a good eye. He is able to work with me sporadically and organically.

Where do you like to shop? I don't know where my clothes come from. Because I sell so much high quality items that I usually fall by the waist side. I just throw on whatever and go to work. I don't really shop much but I collect sneakers. A lot of things I stumble upon. Maybe not good denim, because they are so hard to find. Mostly, I find old things and chop it up to fit.

How much of you is in the shop? Well, you get inspired by different things at all times of the day. Even when I am sleeping I think about the shop.

To purchase or inquire about anything CULT....

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D

10 December 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Veja's Indigenious Lookbook

I say to myself: "Oh Joy, you've done it again. You have let a great company go unrepresented on the blogosphere." Then Steve over at Style Savage refreshed my memory. He's good at that. Until October I had talked with Veja staff and had been intrigued at how they managed to market their brand. The video above is a behind the scenes look at their Indigenos shoot that features several international artists and designers wearing Veja. I am personally inspired by the makeup even though I don't know who did the makeup for the shoot.They are an environment friendly brand that has now worked with many artists to make it"cool" to be eco-conscious. Although I am not a fan of words and subcultures that dwell on the notions of saving the planet Veja is much different in their approach.
"Actions remain scarce but words abound. Beyond movies about the environment, beyond multinational companies building green windows to hide disasters, beyond the Copenhagen speeches filled with words and political promise…."  -Veja Staff
They want you to know that this is a call to action. This stood out to me on their website and I was hooked to their cause of motivating change through clothing. And this expands to their research in organic materials such as Amazonian rubber and organic cottons. Did I mention they make a great shoe?  It has been so long since I have been to London, if I go back their studio will be my first stop!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

08 December 2010

An outfit post: Contemplating on stress

Haha, stress season has hit! I am in the midst of cataloging research for school, inventory for Etsy, and so on and so forth. I wish stress was a person, he/she would deserve a good talking to. What music do you listen to in order to de-stress? I am listening to Animal Collective. It is a little cliche but they always put me in an active and cheerful mood. Yes, music has the power to do lots of things. And yes is cold and it has been difficult to adjust quickly to gusting winds. Because of the oodles of other writing I have been doing in other frontiers I have run out of fun stuff for you readers so I have let my camera do the talking this time. Working on taking photographs has been a fun struggle.
I have really been enjoying all of your feedback and I will continue to respond.

 Vintage crocheted dress: Thrift/ Pink slip: vintage/ Socks: found/ Shoes: Cougar/ Coat: vintage Army Surplus/ Ring(not shown): Charlotte Russe

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

06 December 2010

My weekend in a nutshell

A diary of sorts. And no, I didn't get to Art Basel.....


I went to Deep in the Game with guest performer Sewn Leather. Two of my friend's had birthdays. I do remember a toasting to being old (i.e. 22) with my pals Sharela, Dain, and Anna. 
Goodtimes were had and I really enjoyed myself. And I totally got a free sub at the end of night, thanks to some mystery guy.
Saturday: Totally exhausted. A bunch of kids stampeded my job, we got it under control in a matter of minutes. I felt like a super hero but was too tired to go out. Super heroes need rest too....
Sunday: Yesterday was a blue-collar day in every sense of the word. I worked 9 hours and came home to the football game. Although the team I was rooting for lost I was consoled by the fact that it was a good day all in all.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

03 December 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Yokoo

Yokoo makes scarves, lots of scarves. Over one thousand to be approximate. And it is a rather special endeavor that she has handmade them all herself. I am lucky to know her, even if it is only through virtual reality. On occasion we go back and forth giving words of encouragement to one another and it does really keep me going. Her work ethic is impeccable but if you asked her it is just who she is, no special formula to calculate.

She was documented on Etsy earlier this week and in my opinion it was a long time coming. Possibly her shyness got in the way? The video itself really captures Yokoo's work ethic, background, and environment of creativity. Anything more and I will spoil the video for you. As always give feedback below....

Handmade Portraits: YOKOO from Etsy on Vimeo.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.