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30 June 2009

Now this is what I call McDreamy....

Chris Camplin
I don't know who you are but you are stellar looking. Bill has a way of unlocking the masculine edge into any of his subjects. This means that the men he photographs look extra good.
photos by Backyard Bill

You go boy: Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010

above pictures from


Explosions (literally) of color. For a men's collection I have not been so impressed with a suit in a while. I feel like the captain would wear this and that makes me even more thrilled. I might have to do a DIY for him. The more conservative pieces are just as impressive and well conceived by McQueen.Oh and here is a video of the collection, you know I am into that right now.

a big thanks to Professionally Trendy for mentioning this!

29 June 2009

Contest coming soon: Shoe Seek 2009

Remember when I expressed my sheer adoration for Bare Foot Tess? Well for those that do not know it is a shoe store (originally based from my home town) that provides amazing shoes for women. They specialize in stocking shoes sizes 10 and up. About a couple of weeks ago they asked me to be apart of a contest they were doing. I was so honored! The contest starts in July and I am donating a porcelain rose brooch to be added to their amazing prize package. I might throw a surprise in there as well! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

So here is the run down.

"Shoe Seek 2009" is an online scavenger hunt through various shoe loving websites, following clues and answering questions in a race to see who will win the grand SHOE SEEK prize package! The contest will begin on July 10th, and participants will be notified a few days in advance of the specific start time.

The grand prize package includes:
-$250 shopping spree to!
-$50 Nordstrom gift certificate (courtesy of
-A signed copy of 'The Budget Fashionista' Kathryn Finney's first book "How to Be a Budget Fashionista"
-Shoe Seek winner feature blog/article and picture on the following fabulous shoe-loving sites:, Blogging Barefoot Blog,, Fashion Fille's blog, YourFeetMakeYouUnique blog, and ShoeTube!

Sounds super exciting right? You can sign up here or just click the Shoe Seek 2009 banner on the sidebar. So many companies are delving into scavenger hunts. To tell you the truth they are a lot easier to win than contests that have you comment on bloggers sites. All I am trying to say is....IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN! Good luck readers!

24 June 2009

The other night

photos from Rainbow Kolor blog.
The same night Jared promised a trip to Connecticut. I am stoked!

23 June 2009

Amazing Bike

21 June 2009

*List of awesome music documentaries ((Work in Progress))

* DISCLAIMER: I intend to watch every movie on this list by the end of August. This will be hard, you should make a list too or just use my list. The movies listed are not in any order of significance. Most of the links were provided by Wikipedia.

Joy D.

20 June 2009


The captain left for the high seas about an hour or so ago and I can't go back to sleep.

17 June 2009

Give me a Break: Tribal Punk?

I am neither a punk or a person in a tribe but I think the term is stupid and a little offensive. What the f**k is tribal punk? I am getting really annoyed by the American obsession to nickname a new trend. Just because you can't pin point a certain style does not mean it isn't valid to the person wearing it. This is what leads many educated fashion readers to jump the boat of American publications and head across seas. Australia, France, China, Korea, Japan... I could go on and on. I love my country but it isn't without its major kinks. Fashion Editing and publication is one and it makes me a little sad. We, as Americans, used to have such a hold on the fashion world through our publications and editors but we are turning into a joke. I am sorry to rant and I see I am running a little long on my wording so I will conclude in a few. Anyone has the potential to get up and make some changes to the declining state of our fashion publications. (I for one would love to contribute to the fashion journal WORN.)

16 June 2009

It IS funny to make fun of fashion

here is one of many I have been finding on good old you tube.
This one I originally got from here yesterday afternoon.

More to come
Sorry About not posting as many yummy articles. I am in the middles of directing a play and have less time to think about anything else.

15 June 2009

New Beirut DVD! I repeat...


Untitled from Jakob Passion on Vimeo.

After disapointing everyone with the cancellation of his tour and the overall change of his line up. He is back with a DVD. You know I love my indie-music-documentaries, Maybe I should make a list because there are a lot out there. If any of your readers love his music as much as I do make sure to pinch yourselves to make sure this is real.

14 June 2009

Canadians are alright!

IT's COMING! The (indie) super group of 2009 (and 2006): Swan Lake. If Spencer Krug could finish his other tour already we could get this party started, sort of speak. Mind you this is just a glimpse into the appreciation I will throw at awesome Canadians. Any large mass of people that can shake the beating that was given to them by South Park is an amazing mass indeed. Heck, even the scienctologists are still mad about the beating they took!

memory snapshot

13 June 2009

You go girl (#2)

Excluding the bag I love this look. It is a weird combo but I think it works well here.
Where: Chictopia Username: growtrees

Not too sure about the flip flops but I am all for the pants and hat. The hair adds a little somethin' somethin'.
Where: Username: N/A

What can I say? This is amazing. The look is made soft by the layered maxi skirt. Check the glasses dude!
Where: Chictopia Username: acizgirl

Emma Nygren, you are awesome. I would love for her to be a stylist and teach a lesson in dressing oneself. She is a true inspiration to me.
Where: Emma Nygren.

Ok, so I have seen this girl around on some street fashion blogs especially Street Walker (twice in a row) but I love this look! If I had the balls, I would wear this. It is almost Greek goddess like.
Where: Streetswalker Who: Unknown

While I find hyper inspirational Chictopia is stepping up its game. This look is no exception. Look at the great pop the pink gives! The coat is so drapey, which we all know is something I love.
Where: Chictopia Username: fashion geometry

You go girl #1
Joy D.

12 June 2009

Lista para Wishy-Wishy

I "need" the following....

jewelry inspired by the Inca

Instead of the typical silver studs, like on these Givenchy gloves, red metallic bits and bobbins. Oh and fingerless.

Just about anything and everything from Stolen Girlfriend Club.

Joy D.

I'm back (like the proverbial) heart attack!

I come home to the following.....
  1. my crazy roommate beginning her move
  2. The Captain in good spirits
  3. Extreme humidty
  4. 1000+ entries on Google Reader
  5. my comfortable bed
I didn't take many pictures on account that I got sick half way through my trip and said "f*&k it". I will give my cynical opinion of Orlando in another post. I am just happy that I could visit a good friend and see Animal Collective!

11 June 2009

Enamored by the Disturbing Nature of: US Maple

Ask an average music lover who US Maple is and they they will have no clue. No they are not from my home town but me and the captain were watching you tube videos of them the other night and I had to spread the noise. If, at the very least, to give awareness about how amazing they are and the fact that their documentary seems to have been shelved. This band, amongst others, is an example of a chunk of time in music I haven't explored. In the 90s I was only interested in MTV. This was followed by an obsession to find "new" and "different" music. So in my quest some bands I rarely listened to, US Maple was one of them. I remember some of their songs but have never seen them live. At the time of their hey day I was less interested in live shows and more interested in zine writing (aka staying in my room working on things).

The Untitled work about US Maple.

Everyone gets off on saying they have an indescribable sound. BS! They deconstructed music, in turn creating a new sound that is equally listenable and unlistenable. The Captain has probably seen them live a thousand and one times. He was very much into live shows. Now there really isn't anything to replace either of our (maybe just mine) cravings. That is when we come to this awesome idea for a documentary. The you tube preview left me wanting more but the last time the director updated was on his myspace nearly a year ago. What's up with that?

Why do they inspire fashion? I guess they don't. I didn't even know what most of the band members looked like until a few days ago. They are all much older now but I still have a special place in my musical heart for them. Plus....I hear they still got it and always will.

Joy d.

09 June 2009

Memories: Jess and J.D hangin' at Village Thrift








After the video shoot my friend jess and I went thrifting. Nothing does it better on a Saturday afternoon, especially when everything is half price. I hope you heal up soon Jess. xoxox. Pics soon when I get back from my trip!

Joy d.


08 June 2009

Nalani's b-day party pt.2




It was my best-friend's-niece's birthday. The cake was yummy, there weren't any dramas, and all the kids had fun. Which is the most important right? My besties family are like a second family, I am so glad that I could spend her birthday with them especially since I don't get to see Manda very often these days.

Joy D.

07 June 2009


My love of Animal Collective is a little scary I know. Just pretend it is a pair of Louboutin heels and we can get through this together. [pictures from Reverend Green tour blog]

INCENTIVE TO LOVE AC: I have their limited addition Crack Box.


Upon looking at the stats for my blog, something I am trying not to check incessantly all day, I noticed I have a few subscribers. Hey! What up? I think I will start to do an email subscription too. I am still coming up with what it will look like and what will be in it. For you guys that have subscribed I have a present for you. ANIMAL COLLECTIVE CRACK BOX and Swan Lake's ENEMY MINE. Just click the links. These are pretty hard to find even if you try to download. If someone complains I will have to take it down, the beauty of a blog just starting out is that I doubt that will happen. Mwahahahaha. Download away. More amazing music treats coming. The more subscribers the bigger the prizes and the bigger the contests.

Joy D.

Happy B-day Lalani pt. 1: What I wore





cream slip dress- vintage
shirt- old shirt from friend
“gold” bracelet- vintage
shoes- bailey oxfords

Joy D.
PS. I got my camera back so I will have more clothing and picture posts coming up.