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31 December 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Andy Warhol's Debbie Harry and Friends

It is Debbie Harry! I really wanted to be like her when I was a kid. Mind you I am all of 22, by the time I was into Blondie they were already played out. But I love Andy Warhol films and it is possible you do too. What else is there to say? The shimmery fabrics in the last take are inspiration for a new year's eve outfit I won't have time to construct but still dream about. And...I want the shorts that guy is wearing. What is your favorite piece in the video?

PS. I am back to posting and my usual jive. I have missed my readers very much!

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Joy D.

4 comment(s):

wobblinbetty said...

I must see this, definitely! tnx for the tip and welcome back to blogland!

etoilee8 said...

What a gem of a video! I might have to repost this as some point. I remember the first time I heard Blondie. I was 12, in the car and I knew I would be hooked for life. Later on, my first boyfriend (age 13, so not really a boyfriend) made fun of me for picking up the Blondie album at Tower Records (Blondie wasn't hip until a few years later). I should have known that dude was a total dipshit at that very moment.

shane said...

very inspiring, even for today:) Looking forward to your future posts!

death_sexxx said...

aaaah not seen this for ages!! had totally forgot.... love it! thanks for posting!

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