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29 September 2010

A night to remember: A benefit show (Picture heavy)

I am impressed with the power of love and understanding. This particular event gave me an opportunity to witness it. (Although to look back on it now seems morbid) A little over a month ago my friend DJ was attacked and received a lot of injuries. His close friends got a benefit show together for him at the Floristree. It was a great experience to see people opening their wallets to someone they really cherish as a person. And they raised quite a bit of funds.

This is Sam. He is in a band called Future Islands. He never has a "normal" picture. 

Kendall doing her thing. 

I decided to lend a hand at the door. Kendall was the best!

Oh Risa and Amelia, you guys are the best for chit chat at shows!

Shannon is my friend from way back. That is why I can take weird pictures of her. 

Me, Becca and John (old roommates). I miss them a bit although they only moved one floor down.
[hat: vintage Baltimore hat company/ shirt: Pierre Cardin vintag/ jeans: old navy]

I don't know this guy but he was wearing Dj's band's tee. Teenage Souls dude!

Jaynell and Becca, the happiest people, EVER. lol

Denny and William look like they are about to engage in battle. Did I mention how sweaty this place can get? 

And this is why: ALL THE PEOPLE! 

Hey Chris aka crazy eyes 

Oh no Craig!

 We danced....

Really hard.

EDIT: No one fucked with the cats. They have been used to shows for over 3 years.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. Joy D.

26 September 2010

Running behind....

I was featured in the IFB link list recently! The theme was New York fashion week. There are some great articles here featuring some great insight. Thank you Jeninne Jacobs for including me! 
(heart bullet points curtesy of

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

25 September 2010

Searching: a place to document style progression

An old "look" which a fellow blogger encouraged me to post more. That didn't work so well.

I am a big fan of reading blogs, even new ones. While reading Arash Mazinani's blog, a great find, I stumbled across this article about creating your own lookbook in order to organize your wardrobe. Now while that seems excessive I think Mazinani has a point. Searching for that "perfect" style is not the goal here. There is importance in building from your own experiences. Arash suggests to look to others style but I think I would much rather go solo and find my own way. Now all I have to do is wait for my nifty camera to arrive and snap, snap, snap! I guess all that is left is a membership at Chictopia or Any suggestions?
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
 Joy D.

22 September 2010

Look what I got....

I purchased this baby recently. It has taking so much to catch up with friends and school work. I wouldn't trade sanity for any of my awesome experiences in New York. Now I am purchasing a SERIOUS camera and organizing a few events in my town. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen. 
Life is beautiful, let's share a little. Joy D.

19 September 2010

You Go Girl: New York Fashion Week edition

two beautiful friends at the OMGPOP show in Brooklyn.

lovely door woman at the Juicy Couture party

When I asked if he had a problem with fashion bloggers he said:
"No, I like them, there are just too many of you." hah!

The impeccably dressed Profreshstyle.

Awesome DIY boots of the servers at the Juicy party. 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

17 September 2010

New York Fashion Week Day 4: More Bloggers oh my!

There were two events that I attended and they all reinforced why I like to be a fashion blogger. The first was the Chictopia10 after party which Corrine of Chictopia invited me to. What an honor! The store was more glamorous than what I thought it would be and I got some designer silly bands. I am now apart of the crazy silly bandz club.
This the wonderful Dara (with her two good friends) she has been working hard as a Teen Vogue intern.
She, along with Chelsea are an inspiration! 

Yes I went shopping. I ended up with a long pant jumper. 
Love ladies. To the left is Laura of On The Racks.
She is super sweet and hope to see her next season!

 Helen Zhu of Chictopia trying on Juicy Couture jewelry.

To the right is Pamela of Market Publique. I was drooling over her dress.

If you are fabulous enough to use a rhinestone encrusted mouse then you should have one.

The next day I  went to the IFB Tweet Up in the Skybox. Micheal Boardman (aka Mr. Mickey) of Paper Magazine. There was an eerie silence but so many of the bloggers in attendance had great questions to ask. I've never been one to think of a good question to ask at these sorts of things but I did take a few pictures!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

Fashion Film Friday: John Davis via Rush Blog

I like the dialogue . Style is about wearing something timeless and that has long lasting importance to you. You can say that style and fashion are the same but I would have to disagree. My experience in New York has really solidified how I dress and what I think about style. What do you think about style? Is it just some arbitrary term? John Davis has a great outlook.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. Joy D.

16 September 2010

New York Fashion Week Day 3: J.Cheikh Presentation

Sophie Lin and friend
 I arrived a little late, being lost the the "wonder" of 7 Ave. I was happy to see model Sharri Sutton as the Dj, she kept the party live. The models wore 3 looks and my favorite was this red velvet suit. It was non abrasive to the touch. Now I want one of my own. Aziz M. was on site with his IPad and let me take a look at his collection. When talking with Sophie Lin, the designer of J.Cheikh, she told me her collection had been lost in the mail. My jaw dropped! She was pretty resilient and will be showing at Chicago Fashion Week in October! Sophie was such a warm person and I wish her all the best. Be sure

Dj Sharri Sutton

I want to be best friends with this guy.

He was rocking some studded Louboutin oxfords.

Sophie Lin and Kelechi (assistant buyer for Macy's)

My favorite looks the models strutted out in. They were lovely!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

15 September 2010

New York Fashion Week: Day 2

Getting in the swing of things was very easy here in New York. There was so much get done during Fashion's Night Out.  I am sad to say I missed most of the pandemonium but I think I had my shareFashion night out was a great way to have fun amongst the "business stuff".  First the Kamau (bossman), Lesley, a few friends, and I headed to Kate Spade for Tim Gunn's book signing. I got see him but hordes of people were around him. The Kate Spade store looked so beautiful And I need a metal bow for fall. It is on my list.

A beautiful bow accent that reoccurs in the store.

Blane Charles and Lesley

This is what I call a win-win situation.

Even the staff was polished.

These ladies are my inspiration. They have a blog you should check out.

What we came there for!  He was such a nice man. And Kamau got great footage for his documentary. It is something I can't talk about yet but am super duper excited about. 

I also went to Rug Co. where Mr. Editor-at-Large Hamish Bowles sang. I have some unedited footage to show you via Google video but will be editing video once I get back home. He selected English standard.

 He is singing "Out in the Noonday Sun".

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

12 September 2010

New York Fashion Week: Day 0 and 1

My internship is fantastic. Thank you all for your well wishes. I have met and worked with so many amazing people and this is just the beginning! I arrived in New York and was able to settle into my new digs for the next two weeks. The first night we went to a production featuring clothing by Emilie Jerard. She is a New Jersey designer who is really into goth wear but much more sophisticated than your average Hot Topic shopper. She is worth a closer look.
Enid of Crossroad Trading Co. and the owner of TheFind

On of the most fearless bloggers out there: Wendy Brandes

Jazzi and Enid

Enid with two of the founders of
(Use it is one of the only grassroots blog readers out there! )

Nadia Sarwar of

Fajr of Stylish Thought 
Can't wait to shop with her in Philly.

The next day was the 2nd annual IFB conference! So much fun because I met old friends and new. Most of the bloggers were fantastic public speakers and I was most impressed with how they presented themselves. My favorites were Susie Bubble, Bryan Boy, and Amy Odell of The Cut. Jenine of IFB, once again out did herself. I will be at the IFB/Amex tweet up on Monday. Come say hi! 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.