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31 August 2009


ph: fashiontoast

The sheer popularity and celebrity that is coming along with blogging these days is becoming a little overwhelming. To be honest, I kind of hate it. It seems so over blown. It makes me uncomfortable. Yea, I decided to cut my fashion blog reading down considerably today. I need to focus a little less on frivolous things. But godspeed to you bloggers that keep it real. I am talking to you hrose (and many others).
The End


I PLAY school

ed van der elsken

It is back to school for me tomorrow. Wish me big luck as I embark on another year of mountainous papers and countless parties. I feel like the Fall Winter and Spring are becoming a big deal, I am more likely to go out and get active. Makes for a better blog I suppose.


EDIT: I decided to not go through each and every fashion week favorite. I would be blogging my life away and that is no fun. So I am going to fill my blog, your fave reading locale, with lots of videos and a little bit of commentary.

30 August 2009

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high

29 August 2009

Thank goodness for that I Have a Dream speech

I saw this only recently, this morning. It lifted up my spirits to the highest height but I will have to reserve my jubilation for when I see the actual editorial. Nonetheless it was a great way to start my morning. They all have one eye open, huh.

Lots of lookbooks just came out you know, I've been a busy bee.


So the photos came out the other day of Jason Schwartzman in the lastest Band of Outsiders' duds. I love them but instead of posting boy stuff I wanted to post a couple of girlie installments that they posted early last month. Even though Jason Schwartman out does Marissa Tomei. The last picture is from a previous collection but I just love Sarah Silverman to bits.

Will I ever make it to a fashion week before I die? Probably not but I think each night during the festivities I will pick and choose. There is more attention on these shows this year so I am finding it hard on what to pick. Just indies and not well knowns? I am still figuring it all out in my blogging head. STAY TUNED, TUNES!

28 August 2009

yes, please


Yes, Please is a new spotlight on all the things I want but can't have. enjoy loves! This time I want the whole kit and kaboodle.


I FAVE John Hughes' Uncle Buck

ph: google image search

This is by far my favorite John Hughes movie. The Captain and I fell asleep to it the other night and I rewound it and discovered how much I really enjoyed this film. Have you noticed how well dressed most of the characters are in his films? I love the Brat pack movies but Uncle Buck movie has healthy doses of comedy, romance, and self realization. I am sad that the creator of such a film is gone. I am providing a link to the streaming full movie if anyone is interested.


26 August 2009

ILISTEN Karen O. with children

I hope this Where the Wild Things Are movie doesn't break my heart. I mean they have Karen O. singing with children and others like Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Brian Chase and Nick Zinner, Bradford Cox(Deerhunter), and two Raconteurs, among others.! It doesn't get much better than that. Wanna take a listen? THE MYSPACE page is garnering a monoply on it right now but if you like it enough I will look for it.


25 August 2009

I PLAY (the) favorites

The omega disc

Ilaria Orsini

Things that look yummy and scary at the same time. (ph: butdoesitfloat)

(ph: Jak and Jil?)

(ph: Robbie Bauw)
I have the darndest fashionation (lol) with couples (friends and/or lovers) that looked damned good.

(ph: FFFFound)
kaleidoscope hacks, they are trippy and fun.


24 August 2009

IPLAY Soul Seek

Man o man. I am so ecstatic to find folders and folders of music at my disposal. I haven't been into music lately. I just listen to whatever the captain plays or my records. Now there will definitely be more music to posts.

What up wit U?

My recent life in a series of photos.

Show at the captains house last weekend

The captain. This is probably one of the best pictures I have ever taken. It makes me want to replicate it over and over.

Again, my crazy family. My great aunt and her son, my cousin Tyrone.

My family and our family reunion lifted my spirits. Me and the Captain went out on the water.

Aug-04 11:48
Dining with Dad, so much fun seeing him eat a whole roll on a fork for a picture. He is such a dedicated model.

Aug-04 11:39
C-dog, the captain, and I hanging out a lot. I am sure Cory was sick of me. And that darn Pogues DVD...
ph: Joy D. (me) and Chris Martinelli's facebook

What is up with these blog post titles? I feel like it is the late 90s and I am back wearing Baby Phat and donning hoop earrings. Those were the days...
I've had a lot of fun and turmoil this summer. I went through my closet today and edit a lot out of my wardrobe. I was inspired by the September fashion mag issues that are sprouting up all over the place. I will be selling a lot of the pieces that are not stained or torn on Ebay soon. I will keep you all posted. The rest will be put downstairs in a free pile by the dumpster or used for my etsy shop which I have decided to name Chapter 7 because everyone feels a little closer to bankruptcy these days.

Tha Queen Honay the Queen!

Sophia Lamar from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

Ladies and gentlemen, Sophia Lamar. I have been a big fan of yours for a long time. I know everyone knows about you by now but you still deserve lots of props. She has a website too. The website does not seem to be easily navigable but there are some cool pictures up. The people who brought you this video are stylelikeu and they have lots of videos. There is a good one that Cat (of KnightCat) put up on her blog about a week ago, maybe?

23 August 2009

Yes Please part one of who knows

For my birthday I would like the sum of the following:

Subscriptions and/or back issues to (i have a list of more somewhere....)

A wad of cash

These feet lovers

ph: Yvan Rodic blog

ph: playlikeagirl

Rock hard Abs

ph: Viktor Vauthier

Clock belt


A fashion (and musical) partner in crime

ph: Viktor Vauthier

I do have some nerve thinking I am going to get things for my birthday. I'll be the big Two One, finally.

EDIT: my birthday is in a month and 4 days. I cannot wait. I hope I can have a big party.

22 August 2009

Untitled aka

Benign journal entry + music video!
I woke up today feeling super groggy. As the Captain threw himself out of bed and into some decent clothes for work I laid in bed feeling slouchy. Have you ever felt completely slouchy, like a sloth? Well, I am over it now but it took some Au Revoir Simone to get me going. I am very much in love with them right now. I know they have been out for a while. I have loved them since the begining but right now I can't take their music away from my ears. I'm listening to the Drums also. The walls are so thin in my rickshaw apartment that my roommate May could hear it and was whistling along. She is a sweet girl and doesn't mind the music that I play constantly but I hate disturbing others in the morning and late at night. Yesterday I sent my appeal to my advisor so hopefully all checks out. I am crossing my fingers. here is a video featuring the Drums.

If you are in the Baltimore area you should check out this show (picture below). The show features two side projects from our friends' band Future Islands. My boyfriend (the Captain)DB, and C-dog are throwing it at his house. They really work hard together to put on great shows. Everyone says they enjoy themselves and that is absolutely wonderful that I can share experiences with them. There is also a Variety Show on the 4th floor proper. Get at me for the details! Here is the poster for the show...


21 August 2009

Oh hell nah

Excuse the ebonix and despite the title of this post I am a little torn because ED Hardy put out some good shoes in past seasons. Who's to say some of this stuff will be horrendously tacky and gaudy for all the wrong reasons?
Joy D.

20 August 2009

So excited. Eeeee!

I am insanely happy today you guys. It isn't fashion related but school related. Which is by far more important to me these days. I might be able to have a normal life again!!! And will not take it for granted. This will be text only! That is how excited and hopeful I am. I just hope the school board approves my appeal then we are back in business!!! So many exclamations!!!

south park made me do it....

This is what I (and three others) will be for Halloween, All girl group costume homage to South Park!

COLLEGE--grad school

It's rolling up to that time once again when classes begin and I am thrown into a ball of gooey stress. I am in my second to last year and I am already thinking about Grad School. So far I would like to get my masters abroad, either Australia or Spain. But who knows I might, because of circumstance, stay right here in the US of A. Any Australian suggestions? I am boggled by all the institutions down there.
EDIT: Canada would also do.

19 August 2009

Just another

ph: bryan boy

As I head out to another job interview, I hope I can put an end to sitting at home doing nuffin'. I needed a pick me up this morning and of course Bryan Boy didn't disappoint. I am also going on a fashion mag hunting, I hope it isn't as disappointing as the last. I could go to Atomic books but I don't know how to get there by bus. :/

Ps. I just added nuffin' to my e-dictionary, haha. How ghetto.


Captain, can we be wardrobe soulmates?

Chloe Sevingy for Opening Ceremony via Knight Cat

18 August 2009

You go girl (#3)

ph: 2008 Tavi picture, fake LOVE cover, real POP cover (all TFs)

MISS TAVI WIlliams you may now brush your shoulders off. Haha just kidding. I am overwhelming happy for her. I am not however excited about all the flamin being done on this version of the cover of POP, except the critques against Hirst because he deserves it. I am not sure how credible the LOVE cover is so I am calling its bluff.

Now, now high and mighty fashionistas I have a few things to say. Tavi is a girl doing what she loves. She managed to start her hobby, blogging, when everyone is watching. Not to say she could have ever planned such a thing, that is her luck. She has been blogging feverishly for a while now and some of us know how hard that actually is. I dressed like a clotheshorse hit me head on at that age but I had no clue why, I just liked colors. Tavi does have articulate reasons for the way she dresses. I am also aware of the immense controversy about these young bloggers and how they probably don't write their own material for their sites. I think that is BS, I know several young people who articulate themselves as well or better than Tavi. Although most of them wouldn't know Givenchy from Betsey Johnson. What surprises me the most about the POP cover is the red wordiness but I am happy about the awesome content inside.

I am worried that POP made the wrong move in putting her on the cover. They knew how controversial it might be, maybe this is the reason for the Hirst collaboration as well. I like Damien Hirst but I thought his MO was to stay away from marketing his art. I am totally confused now. All this nonsense will probably take away from the promising content inside. Either way people will buy it. I will buy it, even on my meager pension, and enjoy every page because I am truly happy for the M/M Paris bookzine and the stem-cell research celebration by Rodarte.

17 August 2009

If Emo kids got soul, rythmn, and some disco they would come close to Friendly Fires. As you know, if you have been reading, I am a big music nerd. Anything I don't know I want to know, that includes genres I am not too fond of. Friendly Fires have been featuredon music blogs as early as and I listened here and there. I just started looking at their music videos. I don't typically watch music videos at all, I have been scarred by MTV. Their music videos make me happy inside and although that might seem like a hippie comment it is true. There is a return to dancey-dance music that I am so ready for. I went to a "noise show" abotu a month ago and they were doing some heavy drone and trance combos. I can't wait!!!

The second video is a remix done with Au Revoir Simone covering Paris, get the picture now? I love ARS, I have seen them twice live. Now what the fuck triggered this post again? Oh yea! Daul Kim's blog: I Like To Fork Myself

16 August 2009

Charles Guislain

Warning, it is nearly criminal to indulge in the following..

I waited on posting this so I could write a proper write up. Charles Guislain is without a doubt on many important people's radar and he is still a minor. I mean I was directing plays as a minor but that pails in comparison to getting into exclusive shows at Paris Fashion Week and hob nobing with the likes of Brian Boy and the Mykromag peeps. It is also impressive that I google searched him and there were quite a few hits. Although I trust the fashion elite to sway me in some kind of direction I have no clue, first hand, how talented this guy really is. I hope to see his work in the future as I am sure it is something spectacular.

Is it wrong to want aspire to be a sixteen year old again, hell yes. Is it wrong to admire a person who has grand ambitions at a young age and is well on his way to accomplishing them, no. And I am the latter. As I often analyze everything I am thinking there will be some people much older than Guislain who will try and emmulate them. And that is an honest scary thought. Let's all hold our breaths and hope that does not happen.