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30 September 2009

I'm tired...

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I repeat: I am tired of structured shoulders already. I ain't elitist, just exhausted from the overkill. I have a few shirts in pink that have padded/structured uppers but now...I just don't know. And Please please PLEASE stop talking about Balmain in anathema.
My head hurts,
Joy D.

What I'm into right now

cool models; it has nothing to do with the way they dress.
They always seem to be "on".
I like that.

Kirrily Johnston's newest lookbook.
Vamp but not in that cheesy Vampire/Twilight way (ugh)

Louboutin with jeans, more should do this.
Not me though.

One of my favorite new album covers.
Such good music.
Get at me if you want a listen.
Karen O. is slowly redeeming herself.

I'm too late for Latin. EDIT: Saved by the van.
Joy D.

29 September 2009


ph: Open ceremony

I was supposed to document my 21st by taking pictures each awake hour but I didn't, I got half way though the day and got all caught up with how much love there was. First I woke up to C rushing to work. I went to my house and laid around, I watched Lost in Translation which always makes me feel surreal. I go to my one class and to my surprise!: it isn't boring per usual, i engage in conversation and that was great. I then get groceries on my Dad's dime, thanks DAD! We go to a thrift store. Now let me tell you if me and my dad ever have free time and spot a new or favorite thrift store we go in and look around. It turns out it was a friend of my Dad's. Long story short: I got Akira and White Boyz on VHS, I put Sanford and Son seasons 3 and 4 on hold. So I get home and lay around all the while trying to figure out where I want to go to eat. My mom insisted on taking me out and I couldn't disappoint. I decided on Akbar which turned out to be fabulous for everyone.
Speaking of fabulous: Both cards I from C and my mom and Mike said I was fabulous. Really? That is great! Anywhoo, Akbar went over well with everyone. I was surrounded by love for the first time since early August and it felt great. I don't need fancy things when I have good people in my life. But I don't mind fancy things like the 1 terabyte hard drive, 1 bottle of Chardonnay, fancy vegetarian cookbook, 50 dollar gift certificate, 1 bottle of red wine, and I-pod classic I got. Life is sweet. Now in an hour I will wake up and study and start something C likes to call: My Workhorse day. Where I spend 14+ hours awake, in school/commuting. BTW C said he loved me, probably the best birthday gift in the whole wide world.

Peace + Love.
Joy D.

28 September 2009

It's my birthday y'all!

If Karl L. had a daughter.

Joy D

27 September 2009

total babe

Where the Furry Things Are

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I did tell you I had a wicked new weekend job right? I won't bore you with the how or what but I am thinking about making some purchases in two weeks: boots?, medieval rings?, a bodice?, oh boy I am kind of salivating. I hope I can get lots of birthday monies to support this habit of buying things I have no monies for. My birthday is tommorow!

Ha, monies.


2 things


model boys in feathers and heels

Margiela white pens

Keep warm,

26 September 2009


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I am starting to fall in love: muted tones and black and white, and....OMG I am becoming another person, I am morphing into an elegant but dark flower. Haha just kidding.

25 September 2009

Phoney Baloney

Balmain anyone? I am choosing not to show the designer. I mean, this happens a lot but this was also done in anathema a couple of seasons ago. I will say the dresses took me to another tome though.

Keep it real.

Biblio ODdessy will be seeing many more pictures from this site as I have yet to go through their archives. This reminds me of my internship at the museum a few summers back. Although it has absolutely no relation...really.

How are you?

24 September 2009

I Fave: New Zealand Fashion Week

ph:Hailwood (1+2), Zambesi--via Tokyo Dandy (3+4),and Karen Walker (5+6+7) lastph=unknown

I just....
I just do. Maybe black and white color for the cute dress with the firearms on it. Stolen Girlfriend's Club also showed their wears. I was most impressed by Zambesi.

Bada ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it.
Joy D.

23 September 2009

design a la Christopher Kane et Gods Prey

ph(s): FFFFound

It would be lovely if these adorned a well fitted dress. Time to get in shape my friends! This goes out to me and my pudge of a belly. I started working at a festival on the weekends this past Saturday and realized how out of shape I am. From this moment forward each morning will begin with 10 crunches, 10 squats, and 2 sun salutations.

Stay fit,

Cova'd up

Keep it on the dL.

22 September 2009

Art Nite inspiration

[images: via FFFFound]
Here I go again, come up with yet another project that I will not complete. Gone are the days when I have enough free time to make my own creations or work on my own crafts. But here we go anyway because I am a sucker for art nights. These designs were originally made by design group Studio Cinco. Studio Cinco has a blog although there isn't much to look at.

I imagine Jared, Krista, Justin, and I working on our own wall hangings in our own unique ways. Is this the most amazing thing or what?

Maybe I am a kooky artist wannabe?

I am insomniac.

I have 4 hours before I have to get up, finish Latin homework, and begin my 12 hour day. This sucks.
Sleep well,

21 September 2009

Belated Birthday Present to me.

I am putting in an order for these as soon as I get a paycheck from my weekend job. They are calling me and I want them. Beau Coops, how did you ever find the time to make shoes that called out to me, ME?! I enjoy the whole collection and I am willing to spend some serious bones on their shoes. I love you guys THIS much. My birthday is in 7 days! the countdown begins. My worry: I will be so exhausted from work and school I won't be able to party. My 21st might mark my transition into a tea drinking, wine sipping, black garb wearing, book reading intellectual but I doubt it.

Yess Ma'am

The Duchess Y'all

[ph: Garbage Dress]
Tha Duchess and I ain't talkin' about Fergie (ewws)

lovely quilted yum yum

Was that title incoherent enough?


Sian Keegan has been stitching for awhile and I have finally found where her blog is located. She makes things that look like well crafted but delicate pieces. Her blog is not only inspiring but exuberent with quilted animals and wonderfully drawn patterns. I am the biggest fan of her stitched feathers. I also posted a picture of a skirt she made to show you just how yummy her floral and stitched designs are. Truly no verbose adjective is good enough for how awesome her stuff is. I only included my favorite favorites but I have given many links to her site to let you in on her goods too. Let me know if you like her stuff.


Hearts and love,

20 September 2009

I am starting to bundle already

Fact: I am always cold once the temperature drops below 50 degrees. I layer with scarves and hoods and generally avoid going outside. I end up getting a ruby red nose because I can not deny myself the love of fresh air.

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Fact: I truly enjoy the cold weather. Because of: fashion seasons, good live shows, cuddling up with the captain, and movie nights.
Anotherthing: I haven't been around do to school and being hella sick. Hopefully you wsill see more of me in the coming days