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22 December 2010


I love seeing my friends out and about. For two months now it has meant more to me to be around the one I love and the ones that love me back. Going out has been so much fun because I am able to de-stress. Also, there are some wicked awesome Djs in my town so there is a surprising array of music out there to be exposed to. Hell, even my roommates boyfriend is a Dj. So yes I wouldn't suggest that Bmore is "the place to be" for Djs but I have a good time and always dance my...but off. This time around Cult Baltimore was having an event at Club Phoenix.

All photos of myself were taken by Lynley B. All photos were edited by Joy D.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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FVNCY said...

that man's fur is INSANE!! i've been tempted to get some like that while out thrifting, but i always get slightly creeped out knowing it was once alive. i think it's cause i can actually see the head and face.

i really wanna get loose, drink, and dance!


Liz said...

Baltimore looks fun, love the blue hair in the first pic and the blond hair in the last, keep the nightlife pics coming, they're awesome : )

Nadia DI$COUNT said...

Love these photos! What a stylish crew you guys are. xxx

rushel said...

The photos are awesome! In the last photo--that girl in the middle is wearing a belt that I would really love to have as part of my closet and life.

Real nice.

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