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30 June 2010

Q.What the F&@K is I play faves? A.I don't know.

I recently got fired. And then talked to a few friends after the silly event and found out about that a friend had been fired just hours before she was leaving. "WTF", I though to myself. Why are people so cruel? Why do people make it hard on people?
Answer: Privilege somehow translates to power.
This happens in fashion just like everywhere else. I am kind of over it. I am over the dramaz, sort of speak. But why Joy? Aren't you overacting just a little? Fashion is fickle right?

Answer: Right! I would be one naive blogger if I didn't know that fashion is about the moment. I am just sick of living in it. I am exhausted. It started a couple of months ago when I was in a rut about what to post about. If you are reading this and not familiar with my blog: I basically post pictures from other sources and comment on them. (It is a typical low rate blog, I get that.) But I was finding it hard to find inspiring things. Regardless of how long my posts are I write and share only what I really like. I am finding it hard to find things I really like. Is it because I am getting older? Or perhaps I am just over it?

Answer: That couldn't be more wrong. I love fashion but I think my brain confuses it with style, regularly. This confusion has landed me in a creative pickle. I don't want to splatter my face and body on my blog with a "cute look" because I don't think that is all that blogging is. I was recently inspired by both Steve from Style Savage and Susie Bubble's postings about Pitti Uomo. Never before had I been interested in Pitti. Then I had a realization. It wasn't about Pitti, it was about the writers. They truly enjoy what they post about. I was engaged in every report about ceramic lapels and reinvented casual. I became inspired by what I read.

Since then I have been looking for new employment and also looking for a new home for myself. It has been loaded with stress and I haven't thought about fashion or style or this blog for a few days. Real life has taken precedent over e-life and I don't care about that. I am most concerned about the blogging climate these days....

I love my blog friends who seem more realistic than high profile bloggers and have much better things to say. They are a great reference for friendship just as my friends in real life. I have taken caution in not bashing a blogger or a certain group of bloggers because that is not why I write this. I write this to say I am sorry for posting subpar musings. I am sorry for making promises that haven't been kept. I would rather go a week without posting than subject any reader of this blog to fluff. I call it fluff, you call it what you will.

In turn, things might be a little bit different around these parts as I have plenty more time on my hands to create. Once I get moved into a new place I will start posting, on occassion, vlogs but that is further down the road. At first I was going to shut down this here blog of mine but I thought it would be a shame to let go of one of the only outlets I have to express myself. Sorry for the wordy post, if you read it, I thank you.

SEE YOU SOON READERS! And Remember....
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

25 June 2010

Just Dropped!:

If Jay-Z had a love child in Baltimore it would be the Rap Dragons. I know these guys as friends and they work hard on their craft. They managed to find a lot of songs from musicians in the area to create a great album called Featuring Baltimore. Hopefully they will tour soon, so I can talk about them some more. They are performing at this years Whartscape. Tickets are probably sold out but give it a try.

My favorite tracks on this album?
Track 15: Big Dreamers (featuring sample by Future Islands)
Track 12: I Went to Her (featuring Seven and Beach House)

24 June 2010

Finale extraordinary: Rick Owens S/S

This has already been discussed in the twitterverse. So here is the video! PS. I have been kind of absent lately. I am reading two books and it has been tragically hot. I have pictures and videos coming soon. I have been hanging out in IRL instead of reading blogs. Sorry blog friends I will comment soon! I am at 1000+ post on Bloglovin.

Add me on Twitter.
Add me on Bloglovin.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

22 June 2010

Polyvore spotlight: LibertyJ

the atom bomb
I have always liked her posts on Polyvore. I recently got back into the vore recently. I am much more excited about how others use images in a collection. I have a Polyvore account too.

21 June 2010


The muggy weather makes me feel all melty. But I am also happy to be settling into my new job. And my life's pace is much slower now that school is 3 months away. So here is a fun playlist for you!

20 June 2010

haha Grunge music killed hair metal


I know it is harsh but you can get over it. I know you can.
Joy D.

19 June 2010


I flip through magazines and books I find interesting.
 Can you guess who's first?
Joy D.

17 June 2010

Dream land wardrobe

a dream wardrobe

16 June 2010

Smile Beja!

Fashion Gone Rogue just reposted the Bruce Weber editorial featured in Vogue Italia (2005) featuring then newcomer Freja Beha. And all I could say was...SMILE gosh darn it! She is a beautiful girl and I enjoy the editorials she is in but it is boring seeing her with one face. Does anyone know of an editorial where she smiles? 

1999 Yohji Yamamoto

Look out for the transitions and the reactions of the crowd. They are my favorite things!
I have always liked Yohji Yamamoto, his collections are inspiring, yes, but always with flare. Always with a sense of purpose. Maybe some of the cuts and volumes are frivolous but he shows them well. I guess I have a crush on his body of work. The only other collection I can think of that is similar is the Viktor Rolf FW collection.
Joy D.

15 June 2010

Machotaildrop The Movie




It has been a long time coming, I cannot wait for this movie to drop!
It stars a quirky skateboard enthusiast and his goal to be a star. It is really that simple but the way the movie is mapped out it is a true fairytale. Think of Micheal Gondry's interpretation of skate films and The Warriors. I made a Fashematics to give you a better idea of what I am talking about.

Joy D.

14 June 2010

May nostalgia mix

I don't miss May but this is what I was listening to.

13 June 2010


"Do you think you are cool?

Ha! I would like to think I am, 
but actually I know 
I’m the biggest nerd ever!

Can you run in heels?

Yeah. But I look weird."
These two lines  from an interview with Gemma of FadetoBlack convinced me to read her blog again. Typically I delete blogs that encircle the bloggers "glamorous" life but I will take a chance on this one.
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

12 June 2010

Day 3 + 4: Tourist Stuff!

the most "model" I can get, I think.
Trousers: Jcrew/ Shoes: Vintage Bass/ Undershirt: H&M/ Sweater: secondhand/ Turban: Kangol

Oh what a great time it was just being a tourist for once. Shopping in Upper Haight (Day 3+7)  and lazing around on Alcatraz Island. Our Sunday was also spent record shopping and clothes shopping on Haight. I found some great things and Chris banked on some great albums. Alcatraz was great and was most excited of the topography. So much so I am going to do a post about it later. It was pretty diverse and cultivated by the prisoners.

Joy D.

11 June 2010

(photo via Diane Pernet)
NewGen awards were announced and just in the nick of time. I needed to break up these San Francisco-tourist-omgitwasawesome! posts.
Joy D.

Day 2: Half Moon Bay + a birthday picnic

So after much needed rest we woke up early to go to Half Moon Bay. The pictures explain just how amazing and beautiful it was. We also walked up a mountain to get a better view.

bracelets: handmade/ shirt: H&M/ pants: Tripp NYC/ headwrap: handmade/ shoes: vintage Bass

We then went to meet even more of Sarah's coworkers at a picnic for her friend Tino at Dolores Park. He was such a sweet man who makes great fried chicken.

10 June 2010

There is something epically wonderful (Reissue)

about this magazine cover.
I am just so happy with Italian Vogue and its counterparts. They are far ahead of the game in a lot of respects.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

09 June 2010

Day 1: Welcome to San Francisco friends!

We were greeted by the awesome weather. Back home it was a constant 90 degrees in my humid box building. We got beer and headed to a cookout. With out Sarah we wouldn't have been able to stuff our faces. Did I tell you I did not sleep the night before. I was working on 2 hours of sleep by the time we arrived at the bbq but I was so excited. I convinced Enid to come hang out and I am glad she did.
a true bestie, Enid H. to my left. And there is me in a salmon colored

Jason grilling great handmade burgers and buns.

Cheers! Those strawberry magaritas were amazing. 
That is Chris to the left and Sarah, out first host.

 The walk home was amazing.
Joy D.

08 June 2010

San Francisco: preview

Here is a little taste of the amazing time I had in San Francisco. There was oodles of good food and friends. The Captain even got a homemade birthday cake. I can not wait to go back!

Joy D.

If a man you respect....

...had an awesome blog wouldn't you share it?

Peter Nguyen lives in Brooklyn and works as an assistant to Robert Geller. He has great ideas that make me think. He also finds the best online shopping sites. Did I mention he has his own e-store?

The idea was to write a blog for oneself but for one's posterity. Sort of like a How I Met Your Mother but much more dapper. Often his blog posts circulate around real stories or issues. They seem frivolous but discussions are created on his blogs that are not present on other blogs. I encourage you to check out his blog  The Essential Man and comment on his post. You might be in for a good discussion.

Joy D.

07 June 2010


New headlines that lead to great articles.....

04 June 2010

Remember when I went to New York?: The whole story

My first stop was the Met. Dillon, Tassey, and I all went to see the photo collage exhibit. Dillon lead us straight to it as we arrived kind of late. I was instantly inspired by the stories and images themselves. A lot of these collages were done by women. This was something I didn't know as most books allude to this being a male dominated medium. Sorry for the blurry pictures I was getting used to my awesome new point and shoot.

Then insanity ensued! We went to an Indian restaurant on the Lower East Side and someone had a birthday. I give props to this restaurant. No cheesy happy birthday song for them, no! We ate amazing food there and drank some pretty good beer and then it was off to sleep for us. Did I mention I got lost underground for 2 hours upon arrival into the city?! Talk about ridiculous.

Saturday was a two parter. First I went to the opening of the Brooklyn Flea. I bought plastic letters, a red crotched maxi dress, a Harry Nilsson album, a Thrill Jockey vhs, and shoes by Nina Z. I also bought some books for the captain and myself. I was impressed by the selection. I also had to keep replenishing my wallet to buy more! But I resisted buying for things after I bought a few magazines. What I could not resist was a vegan hot dog at a kiosk. I forget which one I got but it was so so good!

This is Kamau and Zephorah. I walked in on them completing a set for Kamau's portfolio. My profile picture on the top right of the blog was snapped by him. He has a great spirit and an awesome pink bathroom! He made sushi and it was fantastic! The place setting really set the mood for a good time. I loved hanging out with them because we talked about Chris Rock and Tiger Woods and other ridiculous pop culture happenings.

On my last day I tried to visit the Robert Geller pop-up shop that Assembly New York was hosting but after waiting a half hour, and consuming oodles of coffee, I left. However, I did get to explore Tassey's shop Sprout Home. She was busy opening the shop so I snapped a few photos of the outside vegetation. I am so happy for her and that she has been able to grow this store. I also here she has an star quality clientele. I also went to see The Tim Burton exhibit but it was sold out so I explored the photography exhibits and I was instantly immersed. I guess the old saying is right, things happen for a reason.

all photos taken by Joy D.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.