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31 May 2009

You go girl!.1

Those beautiful chicas that grace the website are amazing but there are other places I find my necessary fix of the everyman's wardrobe. Chictopia and street syle blogs all make up the resource for my daily fashion fix. This, of course, includes blogs which I spend a lot of time oogling over and commenting on. So this little segment that includes many of the guys and dolls I admire. There are so many so I bet this is gonna be awesome. Seeing as the captain has hogged the television and we are watching the 1985 Bears season. Gee wiz...

Incredible. This is from Chictopia.
Username: Yahaira

The dress has roses and planes on them.

Those glasses!

The shredded details on the shirt are exquisite. username: N/A

Chictopia/ username: youthagainstfashion

Joy d.

30 May 2009

Thursday/Friday wear

thrifted panama jack tee
gap jeans
canvas sneaks(not shown)


deconstructed white tee
thrifted skirt
red sandals (not shown)

29 May 2009

Happy belated dead person day!

Ok maybe that was a little too unfeeling. Some good friends and I went up to Robert E. Lee Memorial Park this past Monday. The captain did his Jesus routine and we munched on sandwiches and iced tea. We later sipped on wine and talked about God knows what. Then we headed to the brand new terminator movie. It was a complete waste of money but it was wholly satisfying to be around good people. I was sick most of the day but being around everyone made me feel better.

the captain as Jesus

Chelsea is amazing. She made this crocheted chain necklace that is so great.

Denny is on tour now in another part of the world. We all miss him a bunch.


Me, Chris M., and Chelsea. I am always cold and it had just rained. Chilly, Chilly.

Chris M. he is a rare breed that I have no idea how to describe and I like it that way.

Dancing Jesus

pictures by anna M.

28 May 2009

Oh lovely Adeline! a short interview.

Adeline Rapon is kick ass. Why? She is Parisian, has wicked style, and manages to look amazing without breaking the bank. If you do not know who I am talking about you have been under a rock because she is blowing up with her amazing style. She even has a blog. Another thing I admire, that comes through in her blog, is that she actually has a sense of humor. This is my first interview for this blog so decided to create some light questions to ask her. She answered them beautifully and because I am obsessed with Polyvore she even created a look for my blog!

How do you like spend you spend your Saturday's? Depends of the weeks, but mostly I spend my afternoon with friends. Or, if I spent the night out the Friday, which is quite rare, I just sleep the whole day, and go out the Sunday, haha.

Do you have any favorite indie designers? Indie designers ? I don't know, no I guess. Can't afford any designer.

What would you like to go to art school for? Still hesitating between design, fashion design...

Were you inspired earlier or later in your life to pursue your interests? mmm quite later. It began when I was 16.

What is the most important part about dressing for you? Color-matching, like a painting, it has to be logical.

Are you inspired or motivated by works of fiction? Do they inspire the way you dress? Of course, lots of times. When I watch a movie which takes place in Antiquity, I will have a crush on white and drapery dresses. If I read a story about something which takes place in the 20's, I'll have a crush on 20's style and so on. I'm always very inspired by Tim Burton's movies, especially this last winter. But everything can inspire me, TV shows, movies, art... everything.

Give me Paris in 5 words. Mixed, Luminous, Inspiring, Strikes, Shops.

What other places on the globe have you fancied? London, I just felt as home as I feel in Paris.

If you could say one thing to Barack Obama what would it be? "I promise, I won't tell anything about us to Michelle !" haha, I'm kidding. I'm not that mean. "Bon courage, and stay as real as you are now"

27 May 2009

Part 4 of 4: School's Out For Summer

My transformation, of sorts
My Senior Prom 2006

I used to be large that is to say I weighed more than I do now. I was never taunted for my weight but I could tell i was getting out of shape. Many goals were made but I found it hard to attain them. A year ago I wanted to be able to hike up a mountain.
A silly goal, I know, but I was able to achieve it. What was my secret? Eat when I was hungry and walking everywhere. I will say that loosing weight works differently for all people, and it is tough. It's also a good idea to work new techniques into your workout as you go on to prevent a plateau. I am starting to do some yoga in the morning to prevent this from happening same. It may be a little weird for me to talk about weight loss when most of the women (and young girls) who write fashion blogs are already quite slim. I love food and fashion and think it is important to have both in moderation. Since the summer is here the markets will be bustling with fresh fruits and veggies. Well here are a few before and afters.


St. Tibs party (2008)

Summer @ the Met (2008)


City Paper photo



Sorry about lack of posting! I wasn't feeling very good the past couple of days. Regular posting from here on out!

24 May 2009

Come on out!

I am coming out of hiding, slowly but surely....

23 May 2009

INTRODUCING: Makin' Stuff Makes the World Go Round

Everyone loves good DIY and I am no different. With the economy in shambles and so many clothing pieces financially unattainable I understand the importance of DIY. I have seen many a good DIY in my day. People put a lot of effort into their self made wares. But DIY does not just mean replicating a look it could mean creating your own garden, fixing your own shoes, putting on a play with a zero dollar budget, or making your own movie. So I am imploring anyone that is reading this to exploit your resources and make things that not just adorn your body.

So I start with clothes, of course, in an ongoing personal project to make things myself. In a sense it is a LIFE DIY. My upcoming projects include everything from: working on an upcoming play, providing myself some fall 09 attire, making a movie,reteaching myself Spanish (and French), and etc. Instead of buying things I will make them. Will I succeed with flying colors in every endeavor? I doubt that, but this exercise with enable me to do instead of watch. This won't be easy but I think by documenting it I will be able to work through my procrastination and anxiety. Wish me luck! And if you are working on projects I would love to hear about them,

Clothing Ideas
preview image
Thick linen hairbow in lavender


Jersey maxi dress with tribal print.


A knitted version of this crazy coat.

Tonight @ the Zodiac

22 May 2009

Happy B-day Mary Cassatt

In 1868, Cassatt exhibited in the Salon, France's annual juried art showcase. During the 1870s, she became very aware of, and influenced by the work of the Impressionists. This independent group was not excepted at the burgeoning art schools and had to create a forum, the imfamous Salon, to show their work. Not bad for an American woman in the 19th century. She was mostly influenced by the works of Degas. In 1877 Degas asked her to exhibit with the Impressionists, she accepted. [source] She had a penchant for depicting high class women and children in creamy tones. She would often sit outside and paint her "family" who were very protective of her.

Her body of work is astonishing but she has managed to fly under the radar as an epic Impressionist. And I could go into a feminist diatribe as to why this is but instead I want more people to know about her. It is thought that a relationship develops between Degas and Cassat but there is flimsy evidence to back that up. A reoccurring theme are the two center figures in her works: Mother and child. It is a little too mushy of a concept for me but I enjoy staring at Cassat's paintings and have found some inspiration of my own. She has so many colorful and rich pieces that I suggest you google her. Because most of her works are so colorful I had to use nifty to put some looks together.

Children On The Beach (1884)

inspired by: Mary Cassat 1

Woman with Baby (1902)

Inspired by: Mary Cassat2

Under The Horse Chesnut Tree (1896, 1898)

Inspired by Mary Cassat3

The Bath (1890-91)
inspired by Mary Cassat's The Bath

20 May 2009

I am feeling inspired.What about you?

Today is one of those days where nothing is getting done despite your gusto to get things done. I have to get some soil for Karla and I's garden. I am very excited to get started with that. I have a bill to pay and a plane ticket to purchase tomorrow. In other words, I have a lot to do tomorrow, but what about today? I am inspired to browse the internet and draw ideas for jewelry and etc. Until 4:50pm today I have nothing to do. I guess I should clean my room and straighten up my "studio". Maybe I should take some pictures too? I am too relaxed for my own good. I am not inspired to post today but I have added some pictures that keep me going despite some setbacks.
This inspires me to:

^to get a simple tattoo

^dress like a girly who isn't ashamed of her Lisa Frank and pink wardrobe

^to smile a little more (unknown design blog)

^to appreciate family (Yoji Yamamoto and his mom)

^to be myself and take care of myself (unknown)

Have a beautiful day!
xoxox Joy d.

19 May 2009

A way to get you excited for fall.

I am loving the wonderful weather but I can't help but fall in love with this look. Pun intended.

18 May 2009

Part 3 of 4: School's Out For Summer

Feet And Shoes
Louboutin of course; jak and jil blog

To me, summer means well kept feet and footwear. The Coveted blog really knows her pedicures. Her tutorial on home pedicures really helped me through the winter months but will keep my tootsies perfect for summer. Some think it is tedious to spend 30 min minutes to an hour on your nails but I look at it as a way to keep your body in good shape. Although I am still working on the latter point of this statement. I like experimenting with colors and mixing a matching. It is a way to get away with crazy trends. What are some of your favorite colors?

Unfortunately I was blessed with large feet (size 11). But have managed to find some neat things to dress my feet in. I haven't been able to find great wedges yet so the majority of my shoe wardrobe is dedicated to oxfords, boots, and plimsolls. A girl can dream of having a closet full of cute wedges in different shapes and colors. With the two job offers presenting themselves I might have them sooner than later. I spend some time drooling over things I want and shoes make the top of the list 80% of the time. I am promoting Barefoot Tess because they are headquartered in my home city of Baltimore and they manage to consistently put out a good product. They even have super small sizes! My mom makes purchases there every once and a while. If I had a sugar daddy I would shop there all the time and Nordstrom because they are the only places I know that have decent shoes.

From Barefoot Tess