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11 December 2010

Baltimore Favorites: Cult Baltimore

As I reflect on where my life is going at the moment I realize there is a constant urge to do more. That is because I am constantly pushed by the creatives in my town. Along with my friends this town manages to ground me somehow so why not show off the town that has birthed Billie Holiday, Beach House, and Frank Zappa. This is a spotlight on some of the fun things about Baltimore ,a place I have grown to love. A little while ago I interviewed JP, the owner of Cult: a store with an amazing selection of garments.

Why did you open Cult?I like denim, vintage sneakers and leather jacket. There is no real place to really buy them. I thought if we [Baltimore] had a shop that we curated ourselves, with no flares or butterfly collars, that focused on sharp and angular vintage it would be a fun place to go.

Did you have any inspiration for opening the shop? No people really, more so music. Around the late 70s early 80s. There was a strong aesthetic and DIY scene going on. And I have always been drawn to it.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the shop? There is a Helmut Lang dress from the runway. It is quintessential Helmut Lang from around 1998/1999. When we first opened we had a lot of Ksubi, my favorite was the best dressed vest. Also there was a Ralph Lauren sweater called a “Picture's knit”. It had a lot of Ralph Lauren iconography pieced together, highly collectable. And those are just the ones that pop through my head immediately.

How did you decide the location for Cult?Well when we first got the building it was kind of shabby but we lucked out. I live in Mt. Vernon and it is a part of Baltimore that I most appreciate.

 Who designs for Cult? Myself, Arthur, Eliot, and a bunch of others that form a design collective. Eliot has a line called Gan Banthat has a similar aesthetic. Holden takes very good pictures and has a good eye. He is able to work with me sporadically and organically.

Where do you like to shop? I don't know where my clothes come from. Because I sell so much high quality items that I usually fall by the waist side. I just throw on whatever and go to work. I don't really shop much but I collect sneakers. A lot of things I stumble upon. Maybe not good denim, because they are so hard to find. Mostly, I find old things and chop it up to fit.

How much of you is in the shop? Well, you get inspired by different things at all times of the day. Even when I am sleeping I think about the shop.

To purchase or inquire about anything CULT....

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D

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Liz said...

love the first pic, the store looks amazing. I really need to do a roadtrip to baltimore once it's warm again

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