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27 November 2009


Go Harriet Go!
click to watch
Watch this because it is a delightful film.
Joy D.

Edit (9/6/2010): I really love this film. I watched this recently and decided it is one of my favorite movies of all time. And Rosie O'donnell isn't that annoying.


Lala dumde dum

doobie doobie doo

Dun dun dun dadeda

I like to hum. New photos over at Platform e-zine.
Thanks Petra C. for explaining how awesome the site is.
"It's like Vice but better."
Joy D.

26 November 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!
Joy D.

25 November 2009

.0207 faux rock

24 November 2009


aka I bought a lot. I am not ashamed because I live in a consumerist society.
Joy D.

ps. I feel energized, rejuvenated. What's next?

23 November 2009


Through this past week I have been consoling others because I deal with death a little differently than others. I become a man, I become a calm rock every time except once. When someone takes their own life, my heart hurts a little. A close friend of a friend passed away a week before my father's from an overdose.

Love is so important and necessary.
Joy D.

22 November 2009


love this, love Becky Stark. It is reminiscent of Madonna wearing Lisa Frank.

Y so Serious?

I like them more than their collections. Mastermind duo.

I want to hang out and be cute with an american apparel shirt on too! To bad.


Tha beginning.
Joy D.

17 November 2009

My father passed away this past Friday. I have been running around like a mad woman trying to tie up his affairs. I won't be around as much for the next few weeks.

Please keep me in your thoughts.
Joy D.

15 November 2009

oh goodie goodie goodie

It's coming in 48 hours.

I need a drink.
Joy D.

13 November 2009

Happy 200th post!

Happy 200th post everybody.

I decided to post some photos Diane Pernet posted of awesome people in candid situations. I prefer to see Marios Schwab having fun than some random hipster.
I am markedly surprised every time a blog milestone rolls around. Also, it is time for me to start taking some shots of clothing or even shots of anything! Don't you want to know what my life looks like? Well I do. lol

Thanks readers for making this fun!
Joy D.

12 November 2009

anetabartos one

I am a truly inspired woman right now. I am not quite sure what to do with this inspiration. Exquisitely done photos by Aneta Bartos. More on her soon.
Joy D.

very surreal

Great work.


me and my friends giggle at some of the pictures on the yvan blog


some of the pictures are funny, some of them are really well done. it is overall entetaining

where are you from?

Baltimore, MD, USA

it is on the east coast.

i've been there

you have?


no sorry

i mix it up with buffallo near niagara falls


haha oh. I can't see how but I understand.

an american city with B

Buffallo is kind of dingy but beautiful. If you ever did a show in DC you would be close

I am sure it was Buffalo if it was near Niagara Falls


have to go


Joy D.

10 November 2009

For Ally

‘EDEN’ by Amira Fritz for ‘Sleek magazine’ styled by John Sanderson
found via my fave fashion gal Diane Pernet

09 November 2009

belated Halloween!

This is totally related to fashion, I promise. There was a post on 30 Doradus not that long ago. If you were wondering what they meant by salad fingers this is it.

08 November 2009

that sort of thing

RZA from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

That is nearly perfect.
Joy D.

07 November 2009

Gareth Pugh, awwwwesome

I like how it is skin tight. I am tired of seeing billowy. It is pompous and designers are under developing their cuts.

Bear with me. 3 papers + big headache
Joy D.

06 November 2009

new from U++Mag

Check out the other editorials @

It's always nice to try something new.
Joy D.

01 November 2009

You go girl

a successful pairing for both lavender, peach, and pale pink.
There is something awfully Clemence Posey in this outfit.

Brett Manning is a cool chick. She sells on etsy and makes wonderful drawings.
here is her site_

Cocorosa, very cool business woman in the world of fashion. Will wear anything and turn it into something better. She is one of the only bloggers I see smile.

This woman knows how to rock crazy summer heels and a wicked polka dot jumpsuit.
This is key in eastern/asian style of dress. It is so deliberate but they execute in a style that seems laid back. I love it.
Photos: chictopia + face hunter

I have been having trouble loading Have any of you also had problems? Email me or comment below. It is a little odd. I am pretty sure something is going on with their servers. I am in need of some cool music to listen too. Leo Ferre is starting to bug me and remixes don't have much replay value.

Sorry for the delay.