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16 December 2010

Blogger Alert!:

I know I am filling the blog with a lot of Baltimore love but I think it is a little over due. Abdu is one righteous fashion blogger that speaks from his heart with every post. He is an inspiration to me because he pulls only from his own interests. His blog is, take a look and I guarantee you will become enamored. I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with him recently and even in his bundled up attire he managed to work it! 

1. What is your name? Abdu "Ali" Eaton with a capital A.

2. Why do you blog about fashion? Do you see it as a career? It has always been apart of my upbringing from my momz making sure I was fresh with all the Tommy Hilfiger gear, the latest timberland boots, and Felas too. So I always had pride in my attire and the way that I presented my self but I did not grow a passion for it until high school. I joined a fashion group, coped me a Harpers Bazaar. And there it was: the fashion bug done bit my ass. So I've been in a committed relationship with her(fashion) since I was 15. What a romance. Not only do I see blogging about fashion as a career, I see it as a lifelong dream of inspirations.

3. Who inspires you? Everyone with heart inspires me. They have to be genuine though. I get inspired particularly by anyone who has a passion to create and express. People like you.  I am simply inspired by the people and their culture.

4. If you had a choice where would you live and why? 
Right now I am loving Baltimore. It's the best place for me to finish college but when I am done I am ready to eat a full course meal and head to the big apple.

5. Do you have any favorite bloggers? I have a thousand favorite bloggers. I love independent bloggers that are not under a big company. I love my girls at ParisMostWanted especially. Sandy and Andrea never let me down with inspiration that last for days. Those girls are some strong chic black women and that's always hot.

6. What excites you about Baltimore right now? 
The music scene here is amazing. From hardcore hip hop girls, like Rye Rye, to psychedelic indie bands, like In Every Room, you can get a satisfying taste of some damn good music in almost every crevice of Baltimore.

7. Are there future plans for Hell yea. To keep on being inspired to inspire. I really want to start doing video editorials for EatOnThis. Fashion and film is like the best art combination to me. I definitely want to cover more grounds from day to day news in fashion from Baltimore to Milan. So an expansion is on the way!

8. How do you feel about exploitation of bloggers?The same way I feel about the exploitation of music artist. It gets cold in the d, so you have to be smart and stay on your feet. It's apart of every industry. You just got to be keen in the ocean of sharks.

9. How do you feel about the growing fashion blogging climate? I think it's about to get real for these bloggers out there because the trend is almost over. Some will go and some will stay but I am confident because I know where my heart is with this blogging thing. It's definitely not something I do for kee kees.

If you want to read more about what Abdu thinks hit up his blog:

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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Liz said...

awesome interview and photoshoot Joy! I'm loving the Baltimore love, keep it up. It gives me a reference when I finally get my butt down there.

S. Park said...

He's definitely inspiring! Especially agree with him on Q8, it is definitely a part of every industry and one clever ones will know how to swim around that...
Great photoshoot too, I love how he nonchalantly threw on that trenchcoat over the tunic/dress.

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