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10 December 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Veja's Indigenious Lookbook

I say to myself: "Oh Joy, you've done it again. You have let a great company go unrepresented on the blogosphere." Then Steve over at Style Savage refreshed my memory. He's good at that. Until October I had talked with Veja staff and had been intrigued at how they managed to market their brand. The video above is a behind the scenes look at their Indigenos shoot that features several international artists and designers wearing Veja. I am personally inspired by the makeup even though I don't know who did the makeup for the shoot.They are an environment friendly brand that has now worked with many artists to make it"cool" to be eco-conscious. Although I am not a fan of words and subcultures that dwell on the notions of saving the planet Veja is much different in their approach.
"Actions remain scarce but words abound. Beyond movies about the environment, beyond multinational companies building green windows to hide disasters, beyond the Copenhagen speeches filled with words and political promise…."  -Veja Staff
They want you to know that this is a call to action. This stood out to me on their website and I was hooked to their cause of motivating change through clothing. And this expands to their research in organic materials such as Amazonian rubber and organic cottons. Did I mention they make a great shoe?  It has been so long since I have been to London, if I go back their studio will be my first stop!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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wobblinbetty said...

make-up is so inspiring here! Tnx for sharing this, I'm off to their site to check out more from them...!
have a fab weekend!

iplayfaves said...

thank you for the well wishes! I also am inspired by the makeup.

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