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31 December 2009


Men's Fashion
Some of my favorite guy pieces at the moment.

With love.
Joy D.

29 December 2009


Oh 90s You Crack me up inside.

photo via some required

the infamous Susie Bubble

Sonic Youth [single]

Cibo Matto

I am thrilled that everyone is wearing 90s inspired garments and the floral mini-dress is still popular. I, however, stopped having the warewithall to want to dress, 90s. Although my favorite items were my Adidas puffy jacket, my 3 pairs of big hoops, my reeboks, and cartoon socks. I just loved colors and textures and prints.
I have been listening to a lot of 90s music; lots of 90s Jay-Z, Sterolab, Sonic Youth, and DMX. Right now I am listening to the Sonic Youth "Sister" Interview record. This kind of record is a little above me. I am not really about immersing myself in the artists' theories or concepts about their art. It dissolves all the mystery and makes some of the music "less fun". My favorite sound bite from the interviews is Kim Gordon saying "Our songs are like tight jeans..."

With love.
Joy D.

28 December 2009

FAVE x2: New Rodarte T

sent along from meghan at opening ceremony on Twitpic
ph: Jula Frakes' twitter

With Love.
Joy D.


Whatever "dood". Live hard, die young. Who propagates this stuff?

With love.
Joy D.

27 December 2009


If you are in the know, like I'm not, then you know about Jersey Shore. It is the pinnacle of all the things I despise about my country rolled up into one hour. The pilot is an hour and a half and boy is it entertaining. It's like if the cast from SKINS and the cast from any real world season, from the 90s, melded in Jersey. So tacky, so vulgar, so brilliant. I used to hate these shows not realizing that it is just exposing something that already exists and puts these idiots on a pedestal just to exploit them. If the cast is cool with it, why can't I? Although I have only seen the pilot I have been intrigued. These people are no holds barred and it wouldn't matter if there was a camera crew on them or not. (If you are not familiar with megavideo just press the ">" icon twice and it will load.)

With love.
Joy D.

26 December 2009




spectacularsocietycorporation(.com) is my fave photographer of the week.
With love.
Joy D.

25 December 2009

.0225 pt.3

I'm Going Home, to my mom's spiffy new apartment. Home= family, not a residence. This is especially true this year with all the crazy madness that has gone down. It is so important for me to be around my family. They lighten up my day and keep me alive spiritually and mentally. I am very lucky to have at least one side of the family that is splendid. I often take it for granted and don't call them that often. I then think about those that have shitty situations with their family. I am truly thankful!

With love.
Joy D.

.0225 pt. 2

Merry Christmas to me!
This will be mine soon enough.
I have managed to be both giving to others and myself this holiday.
I am stoked about this jumpsuit.

With love.
Joy D..


You Go Boy

#1 Oscar Nilsson for both starring in this film and the Royal Danish Ballet Theater
#2 Heidi Slimane for making this amazing video.

HAPPY DECEMBER 25th! I am going to go make hot chocolate and open presents with my boo.

With love.
Joy D.

24 December 2009

.0224 pt.2

I just woke up and wanted to show you my bubble grommet headband.
I am nothing like the original and neither is this headband. It is much more subdued and much more my taste.

I need lip moisturizer.
Joy D.


These babies will be mine soon. They are so cute, I can't wait!

23 December 2009

To get you in the spirit

I didn't feel all that Christmas-y today due to the arguement I had with Uniqlo customer service but....after watching this video I was convinced Christmas is awesome.


Christmas time is almost here.
I wish i would have gone to the Dazed and Confused holiday party.
Oh wait, that's right, I wasn't invited.

Joy D.

22 December 2009

.0222 pt.2

I have already shopped til I dropped buying everything from shoes to books.
This is a list of things that I won't be buying due to argument with my constituent(i.e my wallet lol). So I have listed some goods for future times when I have the goods to get the goods. If you would like to know where something comes from let me know.


The internet is always finding ways to either inspire me or crack me up. But Does It Float is a great example of both. This photo does the latter and if I had it my way I would name it: "Can you hear me now?". On another note, has anyone been keeping up with the new magazines that are taking root. I

I'm excited. I am free from the burdens of school work...for now.
Joy D.

21 December 2009




These shoes say to me, "You need me as much as I need you." and "I know you want me.". These shoe is unapologetic in wrangling me to go to the KRON KRON shop and buy them. Oh yea, KRON KRON has a shop! It is the best news I have gotten this week as I have been coveting friends who visited Iceland a couple of years ago and brought back stories of all the cool merch inside. Now who is laughing?


20 December 2009


Brittany Murphy is gone. And her talent will be missed.
And now they are pointing fingers at suicide.
So crazy. Times are tough but sometimes you just gotta reach out.
Reach out and talk to someone.

Joy D.

.0220 pt.2

Guess what I received in the mail?
New shoes and a collection of Harmonie Korine's Fanzines.
So stoked!
The shoes came from a store in Hong Kong via Ebay and the fanzine comes from Ooga Booga. They are having a wicked sale right now.


Re-worked vintage bags

I love Alyssa Norton's bags because they take a delicate form, the beaded bag, and reworks it into a bag that looks similar to all those black and white scary movies my grandmother is so into. Now it is doubtful i will get my hands on the originals but there is sure to be an Etsy designer with the same panache and ingenuity who could muster a few of these up, I hope.

Joy D.

19 December 2009


This is a fantastic treat! I found this recently on a friend of a friend's blog. There is also a movie which the design was used for. There is to embedded link so you have to go HERE. Tell me what you think!

Joy D

18 December 2009



I wish I could have snatched you up when I had the chance. I know at some point you might be restocked but I still mourn the missed chances.
The coveted marajuana jumper from Ground Zero is sold out. I will now contact them and see if they will restock.

17 December 2009

.0217 pt. 2

present making
paper writing
show @ Load of Fun

Mall going with me, myself, and I (and maybe Natalie)
Present making
show at the Good Son

present making
paper writing
picture taking? (long overdue)




Tonight's movie is: COOL WORLD
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat Fame)
I posted a few stills from his other movie American Pop not too long ago. Me and the captain watch Cool World last week and I decided to share it with who ever is still reading this waste basket of thought I call a blog.

16 December 2009


You Go Girl

Finally Zana Bayne is on StylelikeU

Get with the picture people.

15 December 2009


Simple things inspire me. I appreciate a well worked blazer and I did a whole post on balmain-esque dressing but I do enjoy the simplicity of this photo. Day in and day out I have to squeeze some intellectual verbage out of my head to interpret a specific topic of history and my brain feel almost mushy. I know this is my brain getting ready for what is to come. But back to the simple things. I enjoy this photo because of its minimalism and the fact that this minimalism isn't bland and tired. I found this photo on Diane Pernet's blog A Shaded View on Fashion.

11 December 2009


ph:heavy metal

Things in my life have been utterly shitty. I'm glad to have the Row. Nothing but feather crowns and silky gowns this spring.

Count your blessings.
Joy D.

09 December 2009


I watched the Ralph Bakshi film American Pop last night. It was amazing. It is on HULU right now. Such a gifted illustrator and director Bakshi is. The characters in his films are like no other.
Joy D.

05 December 2009


Ahaha. I am totally into LG at the moment. It won't last very long but right now, I love her.

Joy D.

03 December 2009


poofy sweater

rainbow leather

sunshine tether


My life in some order
1. Finals in two weeks
2. 12 page paper on ancient marble quarries due Monday.
3. Co-worker's show @ Floristree
4. Journal Entries
5. Clean room
6. Laundry
7. Work*

*Spro coffee is opening it's doors December 19th. It is official so now I will blog the mess out of it. I am constantly feeling like I am not with the program. I feel completely out of it. Usually I would have my dad around to motivate me during this sort of crunch. But he's not there, I am on my own. I have been absent from blogging because I am not quite sure why I am blogging at a time like this. Too much is happening in my life for me to explain or for you, my small pool of readers could understand.

I leave you with Alessandra Calabi. She inspires my life right now and not so much my wardrobe. She also reminds me of Chelsea S.

Alessandra Calabi from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

27 November 2009


Go Harriet Go!
click to watch
Watch this because it is a delightful film.
Joy D.

Edit (9/6/2010): I really love this film. I watched this recently and decided it is one of my favorite movies of all time. And Rosie O'donnell isn't that annoying.


Lala dumde dum

doobie doobie doo

Dun dun dun dadeda

I like to hum. New photos over at Platform e-zine.
Thanks Petra C. for explaining how awesome the site is.
"It's like Vice but better."
Joy D.