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08 December 2010

An outfit post: Contemplating on stress

Haha, stress season has hit! I am in the midst of cataloging research for school, inventory for Etsy, and so on and so forth. I wish stress was a person, he/she would deserve a good talking to. What music do you listen to in order to de-stress? I am listening to Animal Collective. It is a little cliche but they always put me in an active and cheerful mood. Yes, music has the power to do lots of things. And yes is cold and it has been difficult to adjust quickly to gusting winds. Because of the oodles of other writing I have been doing in other frontiers I have run out of fun stuff for you readers so I have let my camera do the talking this time. Working on taking photographs has been a fun struggle.
I have really been enjoying all of your feedback and I will continue to respond.

 Vintage crocheted dress: Thrift/ Pink slip: vintage/ Socks: found/ Shoes: Cougar/ Coat: vintage Army Surplus/ Ring(not shown): Charlotte Russe

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

8 comment(s):

Liz said...

the coat is great, love the mix of army green with the red tights. excited for your etsy shop! : )

Margaret Zhang said...

definitely stealing that jacket off you x

FVNCY said...

omg if stress were a person i'd punch him in the face.


rushel said...

I love your military inspired coat--Jamaica is getting a bit nippy these days, but unfortunately not nippy enough to deck out in proper winter attire. I wish!

Regarding music and stress: I think I just listen to whatever I'm really really into at the moment, regardless of the genre--right now it's dubstep.

But it's funny, even though music can help me feel less stressed when I have a lot of work to do--sometimes I get so caught up with the music that it distracts me from the work I should be doing.

Funny funny thing.

jennine said...

ooh it really depends on what kind of stress it is... sometimes i'll need something to soothe me and sometimes i need the extra kick!

iplayfaves said...

I am that way too. Sometimes it even comes to blasting Nirvana.

iplayfaves said...

hah, if you can catch me. lol

iplayfaves said...

I realize that I get done the work I need to do faster without music.

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