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19 December 2010

Carine and Curly cue updates

|There was going to be this whole convoluted post about the Carine Roitfeld departure from Vogue, but...
I will just do it here. First of all, WTF? The rumors have been piling in from regular media and fashion media a like. Is it true she will be the editor until March? Some of the stories just don't add up but I do love a juicy fashion story. Who knows maybe this is the next great fashion editor shift of Summer 2010. (Do you guys even remember that, it happened so fast.)

Thank you to Abdu for taking this lovely photo.
Scarf: Virginia vintage/ Sweater: Crofts and Barron/ Pants: vintage, hemmed by Granny

I am really loving my hair, it doesn't hurt getting compliment all the time. It is nice to know that I can get a maximum of 10 hours over 5 days and still look somewhat presentable. Ugh, I hate finals week. The worst is over: one of the many projects I had included a sock puppet allegory of post-modernism. Ok so it was just sock puppets and stock footage of....well here, see for yourself:

I don't rap like Tavi or Christina, I make crazy-silly videos.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

5 comment(s):

death_sexxx said...

cyndi yes!! ha!!

WendyB said...

The hair is great!

iplayfaves said...

you get it, I love you guys for that.

iplayfaves said...

that is a big compliment from you Wendy B. It is way longer than last time I saw you.


i like you hair, young & cute :)
i did wear a similar style ...

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