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28 February 2011

Fashion Film Monday!/ Paying the bills #1: Chris Cunningham's ad for Gucci's Flora parfum

I am in love with series aren't I, or maybe it is just my love of counting from 1 to 10. Paying the bills is what radio djs refer to when they cut to the commercial break. I think that the fashion films that will be featured in the next few months really work hard for the money, sort of speak. They go beyond the pretty and shoot for awe-inspiring. In a commercial? Yes, just a simple reminder that social media has a bigger and bigger stake in fashion.(Have you also noticed that the words on my blog now are permanently adjusted to center? Oh you use Bloglovin? Well then forget I said anything at all....)
Chris Cunningham is best know for his epic music video works with such artists as Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, and Aphex Twins. He also worked on special effects in Alien 3 and Resurrection as well as AI. He has chops: he worked on Alien 3 when we was 22 years old! If his gusto and exemplary resume doesn't turn you on then you should look to his advertisement for Gucci's ad department. It is enigmatic and arresting which, if you haven't noticed lately, even the highest budget blockbuster hasn't conveyed to me in the last decade (there are exceptions). This has to be entered into the fashion film vault, it is top notch quality! Most importantly it shows you the "power" of the clothes. This is something that has to happen with fashion film or it just...isn't.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

27 February 2011

Fashion Snaps!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

26 February 2011

One more time: Marios @ Milan Fashion Week!

Oh how I wish I could hang with Marios and crew in person. Marios is too good a label not to mention over and over. Plus they have a collection presentation in Milan this season! (Maybe next year loves!) This will definitely be a great installation as Roy is a wicked awesome creative director with sheer and sharp focus. I am also adding this dog scarf to my wish list. For the past week or so I have been dealing with both house and family matters and the usual daily grind. Fear not, I am in good spirits. This weekend I might baricade until I blueprint this awesome art project/ documentary. Oh yea, and I am starting on the remodeling of the blog. Check back on the blog proper weekly as there will be new things added weekly to the site! But I digress... Marios is doing big things in Japan but decided to showcase their scarves are incredible. I have half a mind to make a purchase next month. But there is so much at MLT that I want in my closet. If you are in Milan you should stop by their collection but make sure to tell them I sent you!
Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D

24 February 2011

Fashion Forward: La Prositute Persan

To celebrate Trans United's work, which deals with exposure and giving solutions to issues facing minority groups including transgendered individuals, they held a fashion show. It was a fun night filled with great vintage pieces and yummy cocktails. I was invited to the event by Abdu Ali . This is a name you should be familiar with as I featured him in my Bloggers Alert! feature back in January. I was inspired by the well dressed ladies and gentlemen that were present as well as the cause we were all supporting. Thank you to Sandy Rolls and Betty Fashionopolus for putting on a great show! (Click photo to enlarge)

All photos by Joy D. except for the last three by Abdu Ali.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

23 February 2011

The forgotten outfit: a picture post

So as I have been overwhelmed with school, life, and the like I decided to take a bit of a break today. I am a rare breed: I relax by watching cartoons,eating Nutella on toast, and photo editing. I came across this really nifty outfit I wore to a live show at Levering Hall. I went with my friend Lani and really had a good time. Recently it came to my attention I never posted what I wore! As a side note: I really love photographing Dope Body, a band from Baltimore, they always give a great performance. Rap Dragons and Ecstatic Sunshine also performed that night. 

 Andrew from Dope Body and the fan

 Lani's cute ring!

Ecstatic Sunshine

 Greg of Rap Dragons

Lani's sazzy sock and shoe combo.

 Rap Dragons

Zach of Dope Body

Hat: old find/ Scarf: thrifted/ Bracelet: Vintage/ Green ring: Charolotte Russe/ Brown ring: borrowed from Lani/ Undershirt: Hanes/Sweater vest dress: unknown/ Skirt (wrap scarf): gift/ 
Stockings: H&M/ Shoes: Cougar

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

21 February 2011

Fashion Film Monday!:

What is important to me in this video is not the clothing but the feel of the "cool girl" in the swanky hotel. It defines it! SGCNYC has some great pieces on their site that you should check out, some of the pieces are reasonably priced! 

So I have a few questions to pose to you....
How relevant are fashion films to you?
Are fashion films inspiring or more of a documentation of a collection?
Would you like to create your own fashion film? What brand?

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

20 February 2011

Nothing says Sunday like runway screencaps!

Here are some screencaps of the Topshop Unique runway show in London. I generally liked it. The shoes, which I could not capture well, were my favorite pieces. I am happy I caught the live show this year! This time last season I was still in New York working hard in an internship. It has been oddly relaxing not having to run around NY this past week but I miss it. Also, I really want to make to London fashion week next year! So much excitement!  

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

19 February 2011

But I look good don't I? pt.2

Here is video 1 of 9. The rest will come weekly on my You Tube channel. The volume is really low and I was quite nervous to have everyone see me, "worked out". But, for me this is something personal I can share with people: a documentation of healthy choices and some of the struggles that might some along with that. I highly encourage you read Arash Mazinani's article about The Adonis Complex. Very inspiring and it was part in parcel to why I decided to take a healthy plunge into the cool waters of healthier living.
Have you made any healthy changes to your lifestyle recently? If so, what are they?

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

18 February 2011

Friend Fridayz: But I look good, don't I? pt.1

This week we are discussing blogging and body image.* And in all honesty I am very excited to answer these. Also, by 5pm (Est) tomorrow I will have videos of the start of my 60 day challenge to eat better and exercise from home. I feel that they both have similar distinctions although I don't want to get "sexy" just for the sake of this blog. Each year I set physical goals for myself to achieve, this is by far the most ambitious. The goal with this project is to enlighten my readers through my You Tube the difficulties and rewards of treating your body right. And there will be a return to the video outfit post! 

An old outfit vlog post. Just a preview! 

Body image is something that the fashion industry stills struggles with. I could spend a whole week on the general opinion of fashion models as more luxury commodity than people that could receive injury from eating disorders. So how does a blogger tackle this subject of body image? I think it is much easier for fashion bloggers to say: "F this, I am doing my own thing!".  Fashion models, editors, designers, and all the other hard workers in the industry don't really have that option. So let's keep that in mind as we progress, shall we?

1. Since you started blogging has your image of yourself changed? If anything it has empowered me to be myself more so even if it isn't popular. The body shapes of the more popular bloggers echo that of a more realistic runway model. Who would not be intimidated to be a size 14 in that environment? So yes, I felt a little self conscious that people would not read what I had to say because of my size but I created the blog anyway. I also find inspiration from my bootilicous blog friends and friends I interact with on a weekly basis. 

I am glad that I have not discovered too many bloggers altering themselves physically purely for more readers or for more brands to recognize them. Although, unfortunately, I think those bloggers exist it sets an odd precedent for your readers.

2. Are you self-conscious about any aspect of yourself? If so, do you go out of your way to avoid it or do you post it/talk about it anyway? I am always self conscious about my voice both as a blogger and as a person. I can come off pretty strong willed! And it can intimidate in all the wrong ways or at least that is my perception. No one can avoid who they are without major identity changes. And the same goes for myself, I just try and stay aware of my problems. Subjects of my personal life rarely enter my blog. Maybe they should: I like reading bloggers that are willing to be vulnerable to their audience.

3. Based on how you are feeling now, what do you think the future holds in the evolution of your body image? I had an eating disorder in middle school and high school. That was a struggle I would not wish on anyone. This disorder was considered "acute" by my guidance counselor because I never lost "too much" weight. This is just an example of how complex eating disorders are. Not only stick thin women and men have them. So to deal with it with an absence of psychological help was a true struggle but I came out on the other side with a healthier view on life. That is not to say my mind slips on occasion but I just feel more comfortable with me.

The future will probably see me loosing weight and running a marathon or doing some ambitious task like that. Why? Because I admire bloggers like Leslie Bangs who not only discusses fashion but insists on pushing boundaries and getting fit for her health! If you have not checkout her blog do so here: I am looking forward to this 60 day challenge as well. I started this week with 30 minute workouts in the morning every other day and a shift in dietary habits! Next week, alternating with 45-1hr exercise days I will be doing yoga. I am very excited.

4. Do you photograph yourself for your blog? If so, how do you feel about the experience when you're having your picture taken? If you choose not to post pictures of yourself, what prompted that decision? Yes I photograph myself for my blog. And I have talked about this on my blog before. I had an insecurity as a blogger that would some how pigeon hole myself into a personal style blogger over night. That could not be further from the truth. And while I am behind on my 30x30 postings the project has helped me to look at shooting my outfits in a different way. When I am photographed by someone else I am pretty comfortable. Alternatively, when I am photographing myself it is a struggle. Being my own photographer forces me to wear multiple hats at the same time and sometimes it conflicts with the picture. I like that process and I like sharing that process with my readers.

5. What would you want every person who struggles with body image to take to heart? Size is nothing but a number, do what is healthy. What is healthy for you is the best for you! And you are beautiful person regardless of your size!

If you are a blogger, has your blog made you examine yourself more closely?
If you are not a blogger, do blogs make you reasses your body image at all?

*Thanks again to Katy Rose for maintaining the FBFF group and to all of its participating members who are a constant resource and inspiration. 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

15 February 2011

Take Care Garments: a MARIOS project

What wonder and practicality must go into creating a collection that is both wearable and functional. Marios is a design duo that investigates functional themes through their clothing every season. This season it is Softwear vs Hardwear, being the nerd I am I had to find out more about the collection. A lot of the materials looked to be of light vinyls, cotton, and jeans. Simple,yes. Executed in a way I would want to wear everyday and then some. The Take Care Garments Projects speaks to me on several levels: I must admit on a purely aesthetic level. There is a certain comedy related to this collection of garments.

All photos courtesy of MLT.

What do you think of sustainable and practical clothing?

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.