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About Me and I Play Favorites

Wow, let's see. Who am I?
(I am a woman in her prime.) With two years of this blog fast approaching I feel great and proud of what this blog has become. I would like you to peruse this blog and find out for yourselves. You will find that I do not like one specific genre or design house. The focus is mostly, but not limited to, fashion and music as well as film and video. My goal is to open dialogue between myself and my readers. Maybe I will influence other bloggers to do the same. I encourage anyone to leave a comment and open that amazing dialogue.

What do I do?
I am a student studying history and MCS. I run an Etsy with carefully selected vintage pieces. I have experience writing music reviews and conducting interviews. If you would like for me to contribute to your publication or do a review do not hesitate to contact me [at]

Where else can you find me?