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30 April 2010

Yes Please: Prepared for Summer?

Summa fun 010


I am not prepared for the summer in the mental sense. I am so tied up in socializing and school life and work that I am in this weird bubble. I have fun things planned for the summer though! I am compiling my list of favorite things for the summer.

29 April 2010

You Go Girl: Model Edition

Although they snapped Heidi Mount with the silliest look on her face she looks pretty amazing in that duster. And yes it IS a duster not a duffle coat. Do you know anyone else that looks good in a duster? I don't.

Ty at Supreme models, eat your heart out Zoe Saldana! I love her style hair in this photo. It is from the "New Faces" Supreme Model's catalogue.

I'm not a smoker because it is hazardous and I definitely wouldn't look this chic. Seriously Carla Bruni you slay me! Everyone commented on the blog I got the picture from saying the photos were heavily edited. I don't care.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy Davis

28 April 2010

What's on TV?: "New Faces" by Andy Warhol

I love Andy Warhol's video work, it is so "do-it-yourself" it hurts. And I like that he exploited it. And EastSeventhStreet has a bunch of videos from his cable access show. This show in particular is subject to question how much input Warhol had. I posted the Halston segment for Movie Night. He knows how to expose someone, that is a skill in my book. (Disclaimer:Exploiting isn't cool though.)

These are the new kids on the block sort of speak. Is that Zappa? No way! I don't know who most of these people are, I'm a child of the 90s, forgive me....

1 of 6

2 of 6

3 of 6

4 of 6

5 of 6

6 of 6
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

27 April 2010

Hayon Studio

Exquisite sounds to stuffy and lovely is too generic. Hayon Studio's work is kick ass! They work with different mediums and different forums and have a good humor about them.

Grid vases for Gaia and Gino





The Fantasy collection

1. I would love to display one of those Giron vases on my driftwood coffee table. Although I don't know what I would fill them with. The Captain suggested feathers. I like that idea of a bird in a cage. 
2. Awww, the nuclear family. Only made creepier by the child being dressed up like a stuffed animal. Hayon has a good sense of humor and am excited to see what figurines they create next.
3.This is the photo that triggered my interest. I found it at Another Magazine's blog. They always have something pretentious for me to sink my teeth into.
4. It reminds me of Alice and Wonderland and melancholy.
5. Ok my first impression: "How creepy!" After studying the photo a bit I notice the illustrations on the side. How beautiful!


Camper Shop in Tokyo
I am not a big fan of Camper's shoes. I prefer oxfords and heels to a sportswear shoe. (The exceptions are pictured below.) The store that Hayon designed almost convinces me to buy them. This is the point right? To enhance your craving to buy.  

Faberge Salon seems minimal and constricted. On the studios website they claim that they site Carrara marble as a resource in constructing this jewelry store. By coincidence am writing a paper right now on the quarry where the Carrara marble was first quarried. It is such a dry subject.....



1. I love fabric. Seriously, I just have two bins full. I have yet to do any discernible project with them
2+3.I like the pink men's shoe. I even thought about purchasing them but thought of San Francisco. So they go onto my Birthday wishlist! Hazaah! 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

20 April 2010

Dis Dat New Issh

Translation: Here is something new for your to enjoy!

My friend Kasai has started a Tumblr. He likes clothes but I think he would agree that he isn't in love with it. That is where I come in! I am retiring my Tumblr, it will no longer be in use put still open, and joining his entitle Valid_Not_Valid. Follow him now and get some amazing info!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

19 April 2010

Im up to my ears in homework!

And it won't let up. See you soon lovers, readers, and friends
Joy D.

13 April 2010

OMG Capes

Everyone is talking, everyone is wearing capes. I have one too. Danny of Mod Men dared me to post my cape. I can't ignore a dare especially when it involves clothes! The format is another video that I have gotten some more requests for. Keep those requests coming!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

12 April 2010

Mixtape Monday: Easy Listening

Mashable recenty posted about easy ways in which to share mixtapes online. Mashable, I love you. Today and every monday to come I will share with you some recent tunes I am into. I mean, music is my first inspiration. Most of my readers love music too. I feel music is just as important to me as fashion or my newely acquired Lula Mag! The pictures is of Beach House who, if I haven't turned you on to yet, are amazing. I also added a Genesis song to make the Captain happy.

In other news: I found a tailor and a cobbler! Time will tell if they live up to their good reputations. I bought some handmade sandals at the Brooklyn Flea and have to tweak them a bit.
Life is beautiful,let's share a little.
Joy D

10 April 2010

Spring whites done right.

The Face Hunter


Style Scout

It is self explanatory, I envy those that can pull off all white.
Joy D.

09 April 2010

Transitional statements, what I think

I have a theory, that is practiced in my own wardrobe, you can almost always translate you clothes from season to season. This has saved me big bucks in the past. It also allows for more creativity on my part. Here are two pieces I have held dear to me during the cold months. I love them so much I am trying to figure out how to wear them in warmer months.

I wore two of my favorite pieces from winter to work on Wednesday. The black shorts are cuffed and I like to wear them high. Yes shorts are for summer but I never wore them in Summer2009. I don't know if I have ever told you but I have a natural high waist. I am wearing the Delman flats I won on Ebay long ago, remember those?

The shirt was a gift from my mom. She bought it at A People United a few years ago. I layer this with everything in the winter but prefer to wear it solo in the summer. It is almost see through because of lots of wear but I will probably have this shirt until it falls apart. It was a dry 88 degrees that day. By now I am headed to NY on a Megabus. I am staying with my friends Dillon and Tassy in Brooklyn. If you would like to hang out you can reach me via email: ALSO, if you are playing a show or exhibiting something I would love to check it out!
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

08 April 2010

Goodbye Mclaren :/

You will be missed. I am sure you are wreaking havoc in the universe somewhere....
Joy D.


I received my first blog award today. Thanks to Liz of Ode to Awe. You really need to check her blog especially if you are inspired by the things I write here. In return I bestow this award to the following*:
Some Required
Mama's a Rolling Stone
The Singular
Anja Cookie
The Essential Man
Style Like U

*Make sure to share the love by posting the picture above and listing their blogs (with links) on a post
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

New things for my closet!

These low heeled pumps are a recent thrift store find. I am amazed how comfy they are. There are very shiny but don't think that will discourage me from wearing them. I haven't found an appropriate event for them yet. Maybe New York?

BoyPeePeeWhenTheySeeMe Sweatshirt! It is all Mine! I wore this sweatshirt 3 days in a row after purchasing it. Since the temperature rise I have been staring at it in my closet, waiting for the day to wear it again. I purchased this from Yokoo. You should support her because she is great!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

07 April 2010

Movie Night: Teasers!

To wet the pallette, dear readers, here are a few trailers of movies I'm into.

Doc Martens' are celebrating its 50th anniversary. I don't own a pair but i have been greatly affected by the culture surrounding this one shoe. It is unbelievable that one shoe could have so much influence on so many people. Just like my affection for DVF I love a chunky Doc Marten boot. Maybe I will purchase a pair, or maybe I will have to admire them from afar.

Banksy: the legend, the hero, the nice guy? I do not care how you choose to label him. I really like his work. And I always look forward to another documentary. Especially one of the most suspenseful. In high school I managed to fill the gigs on my harddrive to the tee with books of his work, I downloaded online. I was so criminal...Anywhoo he inspired me to write a zine and to get active in a more creative community. Thanks Banks!

A Halston documentary is primering at the Tribeca Film Festival, which will take place later this month. Oh boy! Halston, the man of shapes! The man of great proportions. A man beyond circumstance. I (obviously) get giddie when i look at the trailer. Hopefully this Andy Warhol directed documentary from long ago will hold me over.

Life is beautiful,let's share a little.
Joy D.

06 April 2010

DVF genius alert!

These shoes are awesome! I am pretty excited Diane von Furstenburg was re-elected as the CFDA president. She deserves it, she is working on getting legislation passed against counterfeiters. (I will be following this closely.) My mom first introduced me to DVF when I was a teenager. I like that her brand is sustaining a rough economic period. These shoes were found at Matches e-shop.
Joy D.

05 April 2010

Yes Please_The Spring Jumpoff

What a great outfit, I would happily transition it to Spring. How you say? If the one piece was a lighter material and that hefty duffel coat was a light sweater I would be in business. No socks required. I am pretty sure the Satorialist shot this.

My guess is Chloe. If this is you Chloe, darn you for always pulling at my heart strings. Manda says it is like an O'Keefe painting. I am inclined to agree.

I like Liz's blog and I wouldn't have known about Lady Grey's jewelry without her. Now I have another item to put on the YP list. A garish symbol of some I love, mineral and rock. 

Lady Grey has mad skills, she is great at making jewelry and although it is a very small line I like it's influences. It reminds me of Wiccan jewelry stores and apothecaries.

This is a crazy looking bag. It isn't like i can afford it so why not lust after it? Maybe if I had a few G's in my pocket I would weigh the options for having a cute bag covered in a bajillion sequins. Maybe it is ugly/cute? I would love to take a vote. Who thinks this bag is hot? Who thinks I have lost my mind on this one?

Lovely dress with a great pattern from Quail. Good old Refinery29 turned me on to Quail and I have been checking back every once and a while at their site. I like the cut of the dress but I am most impressed with the pattern and the back detail, the way it just flows open is perfect for Spring and Summer.

As if I could say enough about the great combination of a stiletto pump and frilly white socks. It is a combination that does not come around often so I wanted to share this one with you. The photo came from Stockholm Street Style, they are great at snapping new ideas.

It was hard to choose what would be on the YP list for the week, it always is. I chose transitional pieces because that is the direction I have been going. Spring cleaning is soon and I am still looking for a few more vintage pieces to start my etsy shop. Meanwhile, I am stoked about returning to New York next weekend. I hope to find a few pieces for the shop and meet up with some great friends. Happy Belated Easter!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

03 April 2010

My Studio

I have done some productive work but since I moved a lot from my father's apartment it has become a storage facility. (Sad Face)

02 April 2010

Vintage a la 2009

Dress: Thrifted maxi dress, Coat: the Captain's, Hat: gift, Vintage riding boots: yard sale find
Photos by my late and great papa.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy Davis 


Burger Night @ Turps
Eating with Shannon and Jaynell is the best. 
We joke around and shove burgers in our mouths.

Hume, Junkers, Ed Schrader, and Art Department at The Good Son

Lani and Sheena texting before the show

Sheena looking gorgeous

Ed Schrader banging and singing.

A happy Abigail.

The Captain, what can I say? He is my favorite person.

Hume, look at that face.

The girls.

 The Good Son treats touring bands well. Evan, Sam, and Corey.

Ed loading out. He's a great guy.

Me lookin silly. I take a bad sober picture....

Dancing. Note: This was the first time I had seen skanking in 4 years. 
What a great memory!

J.J is a good friend. He also does a good Robin Williams impression.
I am most pleased with his commitment to get a great photo.

Junkers, the drunks loved them. I loved them too.

Art Department is hands down one of my favorite Baltimore bands.

You can't touch em!

Finally, I retrieved all of the photos from my "nice" point and shoot. It took me way to long to figure it all out. I will spare you my stupidity and present you with some lost memories of the past 4 months. There is so much I will be sharing this month. So much content from this camera, so get pumped!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.