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31 July 2010

Is this ironic or something? I still like it.

I am in and out at IPF hence the once every 3 days posting. I wanted to get on a good schedule. Didn't I tell you?! IM MOVING! And somehow it manages to be stressful (even though I am moving "down the hall"). I do have a lot of stuff to move which is something everyone likes to point out over and over. That is not why I am posting this for you today. This is about a certain Elle Italia editorial that I adore but....well...

Just look. At first I was attracted to the editorial by the picture you see above. They are just so joyful I had to explore the rest.

Posing in front of a fake landscape is one thing. Showing the audience it is a fake background makes me uncomfortable. Is this an attempt to be ironic or artistic? Maybe. I love the scenery and the models. The clothes are bright, like the backgrounds. But the "behind the scenes" angle is somewhat of a turn off.

I am not familiar with Marcelo Krasilcic who shot this editorial. But over all but it is a capital F-U-N. The model's look like they are having fun and the creases in the backdrop make me giggle. Although I am a little over the "behind the lens" editorials I like the bright colors and a good relationship between the clothing and the background. By the way, all photos are from Fashion Gone Rogue!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

30 July 2010

Fashion Vid Friday: Film Number 9

27 July 2010

Style Heroes: Johnathon Richman

Yes indeed! "Roadrunner, Roadrunner!"

This is the same Jonathon Richman from the infamous band Modern Lovers. I'm fixated on his solo music lately. Is it his voice or his odd way of putting on a show, I'll never know. His style is classic. Striped shirts, boat shoes, sturdy jeans, and'll see.

Richman on the left.

In retrospect they are considered a proto-punk. 

J. R. is often considered the Godfather of punk.

It all started with the Modern Lovers. They started as a high school band and I doubt they looked back. Their sound was heavily influenced by the Velvet Underground and they took than influence and ran with it. Later the sound gravitated to sloppy 50s pop. During this time the original Modern Lovers lineup changed several times. In 1988 the Modern Lovers, in any incarnation, were no more. Cue sad face....

One of my favorite albums of all time

What happens when the band breaks up? Solo career! As much as I love Modern Lovers I really love his solo recordings. They are America loving folk journeys. Yes, quote me on that. He has a true love for America which is not only refreshing but also a little comforting. With the advent of his solo career brought even more dancing on stage and fun songs about awkward relationships and situations. His style definitely came to the forefront. Very clean cut but always loose cotton shirts. And yes, slim jeans, *swoon*. 

Richman is the reason I am into menswear in the first place. My mom liked one song of his and recorded it off of the radio. When he re-emerged in the US in the mid 90s I was stoked as a little kid because his subject matter was perfect for my acquiring mind. I saw an interview he did with BBC and fell in love with striped shirts and oxfords. The rest is history.

Because I am a huge fan of his awkward white man dancing here is a video of him performing on Conan O'Brien in the 90s.

26 July 2010

Breaking news!: This past weekend was amazing and.....

 Yvan Rodic was on StyleLikeU!

Isn't he adorable? This is a great video as you get to hear the man speak about himself for once.
He is hands down one of my favorite streetstyle photographers and has been for a long time.
I was so busy this weekend I didn't realize til today that he was interviewed by SLU.

My weekend was jammed pack with awesome live music and running around. I worked as at a now defunct festival called Whartscape. Through wind and rain and everything else it was a big hit. I am also sad to note that it will be the last of its kind. This year I had the privilege of helping out at the festival. I met a lot of amazing musicians, show goers, and volunteers who all made such a great festival even better. Also a big shout out to H&H building, Dan Deacon, Stephanie Levin, Robbie, Adam, and Ed because they worked their asses off like no one else I have seen. I am tired and exhausted so sorry if I haven't responded to your emails or comments.
design by Nolen Strahls//screenprints by Alex Dondero

 I also created a project with a few friends who documented the festival. I cannot wait to get the film back from the shop. It will take about a week to organize and post. Meanwhile, here is a flickr feed of pictures uploaded so far. I was definitely inspired by this festival and hope that another group of people can come together to make it happen again, and again, and again.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

25 July 2010

Acne vs Lanvin: Menswear S/S 11

In my head I see fashion battles between design houses. At least when it comes to Lanvin and Acne, the menswear has much more room to grow. May the battle begin!

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photos from

Acne menswear is fun for me. They create unisex collections. The trick is that they label them menswear and womenswear* when in reality anyone could wear them! The banana yellow they use in this collection brightens my spirits. The silhouettes are slouchy, are you tired of those yet? I'm not and I doubt the slouchy silhouette will really go away. There seems to be a day and night theme. For day it is a relaxed fit and floppy hats plus sandals or those signature Acne boots. For night it is almost the complete opposite featuring button ups and suits. Again, everything is pretty relaxed.

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photos from

Alber Elbaz is one of my favorite famous people. I would love to meet him one day and thank him for his ideas and work ethic. His most recent menswear collection for Lanvin took me on a roller coaster ride. At first I didn't like the suits with chunky sandals, they looked a little ill fitting on the models. I did like the layering necklaces that undoubtly had a tribal influence as Lucas Ossendrijver describes them as souvenirs. There were several surprises: the embossed suit, the blues and yellows, and a guest appearance of plaid.

1. Acne's hats
2. Acne banana yellow hat (not pictured)
3. Lanvin's knitted short sleeved shirt and pants
4. Acne boots
5. Lanvin yellow slacks
6. the "saddle shoe" boot
*Is womenswear not a real word? I used it here anyway.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

23 July 2010

Fashion Film Friday: Anytime Soon by Jean-Claude Thibaut

Favorite food: Carrots

Hapless t-shirt: Otakon 2004, Nail Polish: Relvon "deep brown", Headphones: Sony MDR-CD60

As a kid I was so in love with carrots I was told by my parents and teachers alike that I would turn into a carrot. At the time I took these photos I had a popcorn kernel in my gum. The carrot totally massaged it out. Some people claim i have great skin. I claim it is a great handmade soap I get at the local market. But one reason could be that I eat carrots, a lot. Me and the Captain went to the market last weekend and I am nearly done eating them.  Basically, carrots have always been there for me, they got my back.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

21 July 2010

Maximum Homme Inspiration: MONCLER GAMME BLEU S/S 11

Always have always will love this legendary label but since Thom Browne has gotten a hold of the reigns the past few collections have been phenomenal. As much as I appreciated Mcqueen and his theatrics, not to mention Garet Pugh and everyone in between, Moncler Gamme Bleu is taking it to a new level. It is my opinion that theatrics are not in the budget but in a well executed idea. The idea does not even have to be groundbreaking to make me smile. Each piece in this collection, like most in the past, can stand alone as a great garment. I think that is a big plus to any collection. I am amused at the bike shorts with bikes overlapping in contrast colors.

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Photos from Jak and Jil and

1. Overlapping bike knitted tunic
2. Bicycle shorts
3. The printed ponchos and capes

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

19 July 2010

Trends I wouldn't try unless you paid me and other musings.

And we are talking the kind of dough Jay-Z gets paid.
photo collage created by Refinery29

I love reading trend reports. usually reigns supreme but there are other sites like Refinery29, Shopbop, Urban Outfitters, and Opening Ceremony that do a good job of searching trends so the consumer, you and me, don't have to. Contrary to my previous post slightly bashing Shopbop's marketing technique. The aforementioned sites provide a free service that used to cost oodles of money and only available to starlets, it-girls, and socialites. Isn't the internet great? Pros and cons friends.

Piera Geraldi, creative director of Refinery29

REFINERY 29 recently went under scrutiny for their post about five fashion bloggers coming to the forefront. Yes, they all looked like clones of one another. And they all happened to work in the fashion industry in some regard but I did not understand where the hostility of the commenters was coming from. I rarely do. The comments are an interesting read. The conversation manifest into a conversation about age and weight. REFINERY 29 also posted a report on the Fashion trends you shouldn't follow. I did a double take! Refinery29 is never on the same page as the rest and I really like that. So what if I disagree with them sometimes. It is my right to disagree and their right to produce the content for their site. When people critique a blog is it jealousy or spite or acceptance? I remember when saying something negative and spiteful about a blogger was a rare occurrence. 

parody in the highest regard from DI$COUNT blog.

I believe in an open conversation between blogger and reader. It is one of my priorities that I am always trying to create an open conversation with those that read my blog. Now more than ever I see more blogs wanting to have a conversation with their readers rather than looking pretty or sharing their newest "find". Cami and Nadia of Di$count blog have always maintained that idea as both bloggers and blog followers. When blocked from a certain high profile blogger's blog they opened the discussion of hypocrisy in fashion and blogging. The results were staggering. So many of their readers talked about how it was important that a blogger isn't just a pretty face but has something interesting to say. What a relief! I was beginning to doubt the validity in having an opinion.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

17 July 2010

One of the best days of my life.

Undoubtedly there will be more great days when my college friends are around. We are all separating in some form this summer and after spending a good year in each others faces every school day I will miss them
(a lot). By the time we take our leave from one another I am barely breathing from all the laughing. These guys make life worth it because I can always bounce ideas and questions off them without feeling like an idiot. The one on the left is getting married this weekend. Congrats Dot!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

15 July 2010

5 .Reasons to be happy

photo by William Eadon

1. Good health: although I am a little bruised from my excursions in to the woods I am in good health. And most importantly i haven't let my recent struggles to keep from eating some really good food.
2. Love in my life: So this is probably the one and only time I will gush about my boyfriend. We have been together a while and I appreciate him 100%. Although I am working on showing him I care. He is one of my best friends and I can't say that about any other relationship I have been in.
3. BLOGS!!!: Thank god for those right?! Because I am in between 3 books currently and sometimes I need a break. Also, great time killer. I can get lost in the internet, there will be an ailing disease that will result in the time i spend on the internet. But not now! Live it up!
4. Vacation: I have to count my blessings. Being unemployed allows me to enjoy a weird time in my life where I get to reflect on my last year of college. I have been researching various careers and places of internship. Boring I know but for me it is uber exciting!
5. Air conditioning: This is pretty self explanitory. I say a/c should stand alone as a marvel of first world living. Most of my friends don't have a/c. Don't take it for granted!

They might seem insignificant but it is a part of you and that is a big deal.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D

13 July 2010

Yes Please: Chambray

It reminds me of quilts, USA, and summer cottages.

Add this to your fashion vocabulary, chambray!
1. a lightweight plain weave cotton cloth used as fabric for lace and needlework.
2. a commune of the Eure département in France, located 13 km north east of Évreux on the north bank of the Eure River.

photo from Selectism

I still do not know if I pronounce this word right but since the days of sitting in front of Fashion Television I fell in love with the fabric. It is always worn loose and always looks good in warmer months. I had a vintage chambray sun dress that fell apart after a year of wear. I miss it a lot. I searched and searched for what would be key pieces.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

12 July 2010

Random photos: 7/12/2010

I would really like it if you clicked each photo as it has a link to its original source. 
Some fun links I might add.....

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

06 July 2010

Style Heroes: The Go Betweens

Before indie was indie there was The Go Betweens. I first heard them 5 years ago and was really into drinking with friends and listening to it. This was one of those "cool" things to do. That is, pretend to be adult and listen to some heavy music. And occasionally we would discuss vapidly about how the music was somehow important to us. Throughout all the high school snobbery The Go Betweens have stayed in my music library. Only recently have I been looking at how they dressed. Tight jean jackets, "jazz" hats, loose work shirts, school girl dresses with big collars? Yes, I believe I am smitten.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.


03 July 2010

Why I don't like lace bellbottoms

I know I am getting on a negative foot with these longer posts I am doing but I just opened my inbox and click on the Shopbop "Brand New something or other"and the model is wearing white lace bell bottoms. First I will cover the obvious.

Oh yea, EVERY blogger wears those right?
Hell no! Well, I tell ya, that is exactly what Shopbop thinks. They been using this concept to sell their clothes. I will contradict myself by saying that I like some of what they carry. That doesn't excuse their marketing campaign. It makes me uncomfortable, why the gimmick? Because it is what they are known for. Before bloggers it was socialites like Paris Hilton.
Oh yes, I would not tell a lie. The whole thing bothers me yet I keep going to their site to peruse. I wish there were catalogs of substance to skim through instead of e-shops to fumble through.*

Secondly, how are these pants flattering on anyone with ass? I'm convinced they aren't. There are always exceptions and Vanessa of The Hot Pursuit, who is pictured above, is the lucky candidate. She even wrote a DIY tutorial on them just in case you completely disagree with me and are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

*Endnote: Remember catalogs? Yea, I don't either but I have been reading up on how cool they were/are. I am currently searching for some reliable catalogs. If you know about clothing catalogs email me or put it in the comments!