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21 July 2010

Maximum Homme Inspiration: MONCLER GAMME BLEU S/S 11

Always have always will love this legendary label but since Thom Browne has gotten a hold of the reigns the past few collections have been phenomenal. As much as I appreciated Mcqueen and his theatrics, not to mention Garet Pugh and everyone in between, Moncler Gamme Bleu is taking it to a new level. It is my opinion that theatrics are not in the budget but in a well executed idea. The idea does not even have to be groundbreaking to make me smile. Each piece in this collection, like most in the past, can stand alone as a great garment. I think that is a big plus to any collection. I am amused at the bike shorts with bikes overlapping in contrast colors.

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Photos from Jak and Jil and

1. Overlapping bike knitted tunic
2. Bicycle shorts
3. The printed ponchos and capes

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Joy D.

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lucy and sarah said...

Quite interesting look, only I'd be in a sweat in it here in the humidity of the midwest...especially on a bike. show..just an on going story.

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