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27 July 2010

Style Heroes: Johnathon Richman

Yes indeed! "Roadrunner, Roadrunner!"

This is the same Jonathon Richman from the infamous band Modern Lovers. I'm fixated on his solo music lately. Is it his voice or his odd way of putting on a show, I'll never know. His style is classic. Striped shirts, boat shoes, sturdy jeans, and'll see.

Richman on the left.

In retrospect they are considered a proto-punk. 

J. R. is often considered the Godfather of punk.

It all started with the Modern Lovers. They started as a high school band and I doubt they looked back. Their sound was heavily influenced by the Velvet Underground and they took than influence and ran with it. Later the sound gravitated to sloppy 50s pop. During this time the original Modern Lovers lineup changed several times. In 1988 the Modern Lovers, in any incarnation, were no more. Cue sad face....

One of my favorite albums of all time

What happens when the band breaks up? Solo career! As much as I love Modern Lovers I really love his solo recordings. They are America loving folk journeys. Yes, quote me on that. He has a true love for America which is not only refreshing but also a little comforting. With the advent of his solo career brought even more dancing on stage and fun songs about awkward relationships and situations. His style definitely came to the forefront. Very clean cut but always loose cotton shirts. And yes, slim jeans, *swoon*. 

Richman is the reason I am into menswear in the first place. My mom liked one song of his and recorded it off of the radio. When he re-emerged in the US in the mid 90s I was stoked as a little kid because his subject matter was perfect for my acquiring mind. I saw an interview he did with BBC and fell in love with striped shirts and oxfords. The rest is history.

Because I am a huge fan of his awkward white man dancing here is a video of him performing on Conan O'Brien in the 90s.

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Annie Spandex said...

He likes that stripe shirt, doesn't he? Thanks for the lesson! :*

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