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19 July 2010

Trends I wouldn't try unless you paid me and other musings.

And we are talking the kind of dough Jay-Z gets paid.
photo collage created by Refinery29

I love reading trend reports. usually reigns supreme but there are other sites like Refinery29, Shopbop, Urban Outfitters, and Opening Ceremony that do a good job of searching trends so the consumer, you and me, don't have to. Contrary to my previous post slightly bashing Shopbop's marketing technique. The aforementioned sites provide a free service that used to cost oodles of money and only available to starlets, it-girls, and socialites. Isn't the internet great? Pros and cons friends.

Piera Geraldi, creative director of Refinery29

REFINERY 29 recently went under scrutiny for their post about five fashion bloggers coming to the forefront. Yes, they all looked like clones of one another. And they all happened to work in the fashion industry in some regard but I did not understand where the hostility of the commenters was coming from. I rarely do. The comments are an interesting read. The conversation manifest into a conversation about age and weight. REFINERY 29 also posted a report on the Fashion trends you shouldn't follow. I did a double take! Refinery29 is never on the same page as the rest and I really like that. So what if I disagree with them sometimes. It is my right to disagree and their right to produce the content for their site. When people critique a blog is it jealousy or spite or acceptance? I remember when saying something negative and spiteful about a blogger was a rare occurrence. 

parody in the highest regard from DI$COUNT blog.

I believe in an open conversation between blogger and reader. It is one of my priorities that I am always trying to create an open conversation with those that read my blog. Now more than ever I see more blogs wanting to have a conversation with their readers rather than looking pretty or sharing their newest "find". Cami and Nadia of Di$count blog have always maintained that idea as both bloggers and blog followers. When blocked from a certain high profile blogger's blog they opened the discussion of hypocrisy in fashion and blogging. The results were staggering. So many of their readers talked about how it was important that a blogger isn't just a pretty face but has something interesting to say. What a relief! I was beginning to doubt the validity in having an opinion.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

5 comment(s):

Six Six Sick said...

I really respect bloggers who are willing to take a stand and put themselves out there like that by speaking their mind. It's not easy to do, and it almost guarantees a backlash. It's refreshing to see that Cami and Nadia don't give a fuck.


SabinePsynopsis said...

I've considered the kitten heel and decided against it. Re the blogging question... Isn't the beauty of blogging that there is space for everyone? Some people want to discuss politics, others publish their poems and some just want pretty pictures. Nothing wrong with that, I find. (But I will check out your link.)

joy said...

Tiffany; I agree, but if you are behind your opinion like Nadia and Cami you don't really care about the backlash.

Sabine; There is a place for everyone. I am merely making a point of stating there isn't much of a dialogue between blogger and reader. This is, of course, referring to blogs with huge readership. The discussion doesn't have to be about politics.

InnyVinny said...

That comment section was a hot.mess. Yeesh.

I love Cami and Nadia and anyone who does have some form of dialog on their blog. Makes them more "real."

InnyVinny said...

That comment section was a hot.mess. Yeesh.

I love Cami and Nadia and anyone who does have some form of dialog on their blog. Makes them more "real."

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