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25 July 2010

Acne vs Lanvin: Menswear S/S 11

In my head I see fashion battles between design houses. At least when it comes to Lanvin and Acne, the menswear has much more room to grow. May the battle begin!

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Acne menswear is fun for me. They create unisex collections. The trick is that they label them menswear and womenswear* when in reality anyone could wear them! The banana yellow they use in this collection brightens my spirits. The silhouettes are slouchy, are you tired of those yet? I'm not and I doubt the slouchy silhouette will really go away. There seems to be a day and night theme. For day it is a relaxed fit and floppy hats plus sandals or those signature Acne boots. For night it is almost the complete opposite featuring button ups and suits. Again, everything is pretty relaxed.

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Alber Elbaz is one of my favorite famous people. I would love to meet him one day and thank him for his ideas and work ethic. His most recent menswear collection for Lanvin took me on a roller coaster ride. At first I didn't like the suits with chunky sandals, they looked a little ill fitting on the models. I did like the layering necklaces that undoubtly had a tribal influence as Lucas Ossendrijver describes them as souvenirs. There were several surprises: the embossed suit, the blues and yellows, and a guest appearance of plaid.

1. Acne's hats
2. Acne banana yellow hat (not pictured)
3. Lanvin's knitted short sleeved shirt and pants
4. Acne boots
5. Lanvin yellow slacks
6. the "saddle shoe" boot
*Is womenswear not a real word? I used it here anyway.

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