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31 July 2010

Is this ironic or something? I still like it.

I am in and out at IPF hence the once every 3 days posting. I wanted to get on a good schedule. Didn't I tell you?! IM MOVING! And somehow it manages to be stressful (even though I am moving "down the hall"). I do have a lot of stuff to move which is something everyone likes to point out over and over. That is not why I am posting this for you today. This is about a certain Elle Italia editorial that I adore but....well...

Just look. At first I was attracted to the editorial by the picture you see above. They are just so joyful I had to explore the rest.

Posing in front of a fake landscape is one thing. Showing the audience it is a fake background makes me uncomfortable. Is this an attempt to be ironic or artistic? Maybe. I love the scenery and the models. The clothes are bright, like the backgrounds. But the "behind the scenes" angle is somewhat of a turn off.

I am not familiar with Marcelo Krasilcic who shot this editorial. But over all but it is a capital F-U-N. The model's look like they are having fun and the creases in the backdrop make me giggle. Although I am a little over the "behind the lens" editorials I like the bright colors and a good relationship between the clothing and the background. By the way, all photos are from Fashion Gone Rogue!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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etoilee8 said...

I wonder who the models are? They're pretty! One sort of looks like Cailin Hill, who's blog is a wonderful, time sapping addiction.

InnyVinny said...

Interesting take on a background. I kinda like it. =D I'm thinking it's more ironic than anything since the lighting is bad and the backgrounds are wrinkled....or maybe they didn't have a huge budget.

Either way, it's fun. LOL.

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