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24 February 2011

Fashion Forward: La Prositute Persan

To celebrate Trans United's work, which deals with exposure and giving solutions to issues facing minority groups including transgendered individuals, they held a fashion show. It was a fun night filled with great vintage pieces and yummy cocktails. I was invited to the event by Abdu Ali . This is a name you should be familiar with as I featured him in my Bloggers Alert! feature back in January. I was inspired by the well dressed ladies and gentlemen that were present as well as the cause we were all supporting. Thank you to Sandy Rolls and Betty Fashionopolus for putting on a great show! (Click photo to enlarge)

All photos by Joy D. except for the last three by Abdu Ali.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

2 comment(s):

Wobblinbetty said...

sounds like you had fun!
loving the idea of putting up a show!! xxx

Claire said...

Oh, sounds like fun! And looks like a catwalk with plenty of FLASH, the texture of that silver dress, ooo.

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