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26 February 2011

One more time: Marios @ Milan Fashion Week!

Oh how I wish I could hang with Marios and crew in person. Marios is too good a label not to mention over and over. Plus they have a collection presentation in Milan this season! (Maybe next year loves!) This will definitely be a great installation as Roy is a wicked awesome creative director with sheer and sharp focus. I am also adding this dog scarf to my wish list. For the past week or so I have been dealing with both house and family matters and the usual daily grind. Fear not, I am in good spirits. This weekend I might baricade until I blueprint this awesome art project/ documentary. Oh yea, and I am starting on the remodeling of the blog. Check back on the blog proper weekly as there will be new things added weekly to the site! But I digress... Marios is doing big things in Japan but decided to showcase their scarves are incredible. I have half a mind to make a purchase next month. But there is so much at MLT that I want in my closet. If you are in Milan you should stop by their collection but make sure to tell them I sent you!
Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D

3 comment(s):

wobblinbetty said...

omg this scarf is seriously amazing!!! thank you so much for sharing this ...I'm afraid I need it know! and I'm in Milan too so hopefully tomorrow I will manage to pop in at the show! xxxx

Thefashionphilosopher said...

Great label, very intresting. would love to see the installation. Love Raj the Fashion Philosopher

Liz said...

the scarf freaks me out but I love it

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