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23 February 2011

The forgotten outfit: a picture post

So as I have been overwhelmed with school, life, and the like I decided to take a bit of a break today. I am a rare breed: I relax by watching cartoons,eating Nutella on toast, and photo editing. I came across this really nifty outfit I wore to a live show at Levering Hall. I went with my friend Lani and really had a good time. Recently it came to my attention I never posted what I wore! As a side note: I really love photographing Dope Body, a band from Baltimore, they always give a great performance. Rap Dragons and Ecstatic Sunshine also performed that night. 

 Andrew from Dope Body and the fan

 Lani's cute ring!

Ecstatic Sunshine

 Greg of Rap Dragons

Lani's sazzy sock and shoe combo.

 Rap Dragons

Zach of Dope Body

Hat: old find/ Scarf: thrifted/ Bracelet: Vintage/ Green ring: Charolotte Russe/ Brown ring: borrowed from Lani/ Undershirt: Hanes/Sweater vest dress: unknown/ Skirt (wrap scarf): gift/ 
Stockings: H&M/ Shoes: Cougar

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 
Joy D.

2 comment(s):

Brandon said...

I have to just say how much I love that first photograph from the show. I feel your outfit looks very monastic cozy if that makes sense. In fact I think it sounds perfect with nutella toast, cartoons and photo editing (which is something I also do when I relax).

rushel said...

Your outfit's colour palette is GORG.

Love love love it.

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