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20 February 2011

Nothing says Sunday like runway screencaps!

Here are some screencaps of the Topshop Unique runway show in London. I generally liked it. The shoes, which I could not capture well, were my favorite pieces. I am happy I caught the live show this year! This time last season I was still in New York working hard in an internship. It has been oddly relaxing not having to run around NY this past week but I miss it. Also, I really want to make to London fashion week next year! So much excitement!  

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Joy D.

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Fajr Muhammad said...

I'll take LFW over NYFW any day. It seems that fashion is more organic and less contrived there. Let's plan to go next season!

iplayfaves said...

agreed! But I think Spring would be more efficient. I missed NY this season!

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