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18 May 2009

Part 3 of 4: School's Out For Summer

Feet And Shoes
Louboutin of course; jak and jil blog

To me, summer means well kept feet and footwear. The Coveted blog really knows her pedicures. Her tutorial on home pedicures really helped me through the winter months but will keep my tootsies perfect for summer. Some think it is tedious to spend 30 min minutes to an hour on your nails but I look at it as a way to keep your body in good shape. Although I am still working on the latter point of this statement. I like experimenting with colors and mixing a matching. It is a way to get away with crazy trends. What are some of your favorite colors?

Unfortunately I was blessed with large feet (size 11). But have managed to find some neat things to dress my feet in. I haven't been able to find great wedges yet so the majority of my shoe wardrobe is dedicated to oxfords, boots, and plimsolls. A girl can dream of having a closet full of cute wedges in different shapes and colors. With the two job offers presenting themselves I might have them sooner than later. I spend some time drooling over things I want and shoes make the top of the list 80% of the time. I am promoting Barefoot Tess because they are headquartered in my home city of Baltimore and they manage to consistently put out a good product. They even have super small sizes! My mom makes purchases there every once and a while. If I had a sugar daddy I would shop there all the time and Nordstrom because they are the only places I know that have decent shoes.

From Barefoot Tess

4 comment(s):

Miss at la Playa said...

that pink in the jak&jil pic is totally eyecandy

joy said...

Wen I see the shoes on his site I go into slight cardiac arrest.

whiteblankpage said...

i have the opposite problem of you, my feet are so small (6) that i never find my size because they sell out too quickly. however, i do fit into some lovely wedges (and they are so much easier to walk in). hope you find some soon!
xo k

joy said...

I am happy that so many designers craft these gorgeous wedges. I am 6'0 and not rail thin so it is difficult for me to manage stilettos.
Barefoottess' website has size 5 and up.

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