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28 May 2009

Oh lovely Adeline! a short interview.

Adeline Rapon is kick ass. Why? She is Parisian, has wicked style, and manages to look amazing without breaking the bank. If you do not know who I am talking about you have been under a rock because she is blowing up with her amazing style. She even has a blog. Another thing I admire, that comes through in her blog, is that she actually has a sense of humor. This is my first interview for this blog so decided to create some light questions to ask her. She answered them beautifully and because I am obsessed with Polyvore she even created a look for my blog!

How do you like spend you spend your Saturday's? Depends of the weeks, but mostly I spend my afternoon with friends. Or, if I spent the night out the Friday, which is quite rare, I just sleep the whole day, and go out the Sunday, haha.

Do you have any favorite indie designers? Indie designers ? I don't know, no I guess. Can't afford any designer.

What would you like to go to art school for? Still hesitating between design, fashion design...

Were you inspired earlier or later in your life to pursue your interests? mmm quite later. It began when I was 16.

What is the most important part about dressing for you? Color-matching, like a painting, it has to be logical.

Are you inspired or motivated by works of fiction? Do they inspire the way you dress? Of course, lots of times. When I watch a movie which takes place in Antiquity, I will have a crush on white and drapery dresses. If I read a story about something which takes place in the 20's, I'll have a crush on 20's style and so on. I'm always very inspired by Tim Burton's movies, especially this last winter. But everything can inspire me, TV shows, movies, art... everything.

Give me Paris in 5 words. Mixed, Luminous, Inspiring, Strikes, Shops.

What other places on the globe have you fancied? London, I just felt as home as I feel in Paris.

If you could say one thing to Barack Obama what would it be? "I promise, I won't tell anything about us to Michelle !" haha, I'm kidding. I'm not that mean. "Bon courage, and stay as real as you are now"

3 comment(s):

MarionRocks said...

great interview !! I love her style, she's definitely an icon !

joy said...

Thank you, the interview went very well. It would be cool to meet her one day.

MarionRocks said...

great interview !! I love her style, she's definitely an icon !

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