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20 May 2009

I am feeling inspired.What about you?

Today is one of those days where nothing is getting done despite your gusto to get things done. I have to get some soil for Karla and I's garden. I am very excited to get started with that. I have a bill to pay and a plane ticket to purchase tomorrow. In other words, I have a lot to do tomorrow, but what about today? I am inspired to browse the internet and draw ideas for jewelry and etc. Until 4:50pm today I have nothing to do. I guess I should clean my room and straighten up my "studio". Maybe I should take some pictures too? I am too relaxed for my own good. I am not inspired to post today but I have added some pictures that keep me going despite some setbacks.
This inspires me to:

^to get a simple tattoo

^dress like a girly who isn't ashamed of her Lisa Frank and pink wardrobe

^to smile a little more (unknown design blog)

^to appreciate family (Yoji Yamamoto and his mom)

^to be myself and take care of myself (unknown)

Have a beautiful day!
xoxox Joy d.

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