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22 May 2009

Happy B-day Mary Cassatt

In 1868, Cassatt exhibited in the Salon, France's annual juried art showcase. During the 1870s, she became very aware of, and influenced by the work of the Impressionists. This independent group was not excepted at the burgeoning art schools and had to create a forum, the imfamous Salon, to show their work. Not bad for an American woman in the 19th century. She was mostly influenced by the works of Degas. In 1877 Degas asked her to exhibit with the Impressionists, she accepted. [source] She had a penchant for depicting high class women and children in creamy tones. She would often sit outside and paint her "family" who were very protective of her.

Her body of work is astonishing but she has managed to fly under the radar as an epic Impressionist. And I could go into a feminist diatribe as to why this is but instead I want more people to know about her. It is thought that a relationship develops between Degas and Cassat but there is flimsy evidence to back that up. A reoccurring theme are the two center figures in her works: Mother and child. It is a little too mushy of a concept for me but I enjoy staring at Cassat's paintings and have found some inspiration of my own. She has so many colorful and rich pieces that I suggest you google her. Because most of her works are so colorful I had to use nifty to put some looks together.

Children On The Beach (1884)

inspired by: Mary Cassat 1

Woman with Baby (1902)

Inspired by: Mary Cassat2

Under The Horse Chesnut Tree (1896, 1898)

Inspired by Mary Cassat3

The Bath (1890-91)
inspired by Mary Cassat's The Bath

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