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31 May 2009

You go girl!.1

Those beautiful chicas that grace the website are amazing but there are other places I find my necessary fix of the everyman's wardrobe. Chictopia and street syle blogs all make up the resource for my daily fashion fix. This, of course, includes blogs which I spend a lot of time oogling over and commenting on. So this little segment that includes many of the guys and dolls I admire. There are so many so I bet this is gonna be awesome. Seeing as the captain has hogged the television and we are watching the 1985 Bears season. Gee wiz...

Incredible. This is from Chictopia.
Username: Yahaira

The dress has roses and planes on them.

Those glasses!

The shredded details on the shirt are exquisite. username: N/A

Chictopia/ username: youthagainstfashion

Joy d.

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