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23 May 2009

INTRODUCING: Makin' Stuff Makes the World Go Round

Everyone loves good DIY and I am no different. With the economy in shambles and so many clothing pieces financially unattainable I understand the importance of DIY. I have seen many a good DIY in my day. People put a lot of effort into their self made wares. But DIY does not just mean replicating a look it could mean creating your own garden, fixing your own shoes, putting on a play with a zero dollar budget, or making your own movie. So I am imploring anyone that is reading this to exploit your resources and make things that not just adorn your body.

So I start with clothes, of course, in an ongoing personal project to make things myself. In a sense it is a LIFE DIY. My upcoming projects include everything from: working on an upcoming play, providing myself some fall 09 attire, making a movie,reteaching myself Spanish (and French), and etc. Instead of buying things I will make them. Will I succeed with flying colors in every endeavor? I doubt that, but this exercise with enable me to do instead of watch. This won't be easy but I think by documenting it I will be able to work through my procrastination and anxiety. Wish me luck! And if you are working on projects I would love to hear about them,

Clothing Ideas
preview image
Thick linen hairbow in lavender


Jersey maxi dress with tribal print.


A knitted version of this crazy coat.

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