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02 April 2010


Burger Night @ Turps
Eating with Shannon and Jaynell is the best. 
We joke around and shove burgers in our mouths.

Hume, Junkers, Ed Schrader, and Art Department at The Good Son

Lani and Sheena texting before the show

Sheena looking gorgeous

Ed Schrader banging and singing.

A happy Abigail.

The Captain, what can I say? He is my favorite person.

Hume, look at that face.

The girls.

 The Good Son treats touring bands well. Evan, Sam, and Corey.

Ed loading out. He's a great guy.

Me lookin silly. I take a bad sober picture....

Dancing. Note: This was the first time I had seen skanking in 4 years. 
What a great memory!

J.J is a good friend. He also does a good Robin Williams impression.
I am most pleased with his commitment to get a great photo.

Junkers, the drunks loved them. I loved them too.

Art Department is hands down one of my favorite Baltimore bands.

You can't touch em!

Finally, I retrieved all of the photos from my "nice" point and shoot. It took me way to long to figure it all out. I will spare you my stupidity and present you with some lost memories of the past 4 months. There is so much I will be sharing this month. So much content from this camera, so get pumped!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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