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05 April 2010

Yes Please_The Spring Jumpoff

What a great outfit, I would happily transition it to Spring. How you say? If the one piece was a lighter material and that hefty duffel coat was a light sweater I would be in business. No socks required. I am pretty sure the Satorialist shot this.

My guess is Chloe. If this is you Chloe, darn you for always pulling at my heart strings. Manda says it is like an O'Keefe painting. I am inclined to agree.

I like Liz's blog and I wouldn't have known about Lady Grey's jewelry without her. Now I have another item to put on the YP list. A garish symbol of some I love, mineral and rock. 

Lady Grey has mad skills, she is great at making jewelry and although it is a very small line I like it's influences. It reminds me of Wiccan jewelry stores and apothecaries.

This is a crazy looking bag. It isn't like i can afford it so why not lust after it? Maybe if I had a few G's in my pocket I would weigh the options for having a cute bag covered in a bajillion sequins. Maybe it is ugly/cute? I would love to take a vote. Who thinks this bag is hot? Who thinks I have lost my mind on this one?

Lovely dress with a great pattern from Quail. Good old Refinery29 turned me on to Quail and I have been checking back every once and a while at their site. I like the cut of the dress but I am most impressed with the pattern and the back detail, the way it just flows open is perfect for Spring and Summer.

As if I could say enough about the great combination of a stiletto pump and frilly white socks. It is a combination that does not come around often so I wanted to share this one with you. The photo came from Stockholm Street Style, they are great at snapping new ideas.

It was hard to choose what would be on the YP list for the week, it always is. I chose transitional pieces because that is the direction I have been going. Spring cleaning is soon and I am still looking for a few more vintage pieces to start my etsy shop. Meanwhile, I am stoked about returning to New York next weekend. I hope to find a few pieces for the shop and meet up with some great friends. Happy Belated Easter!

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

3 comment(s):

g said...

second bag please...loving this one xx

liz said...

Love the chloe? bag, it's so pretty, and that girl's whole look is fantastic. Thanks for the love gal! I love your blog too : )

g said...

second bag please...loving this one xx

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