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12 April 2010

Mixtape Monday: Easy Listening

Mashable recenty posted about easy ways in which to share mixtapes online. Mashable, I love you. Today and every monday to come I will share with you some recent tunes I am into. I mean, music is my first inspiration. Most of my readers love music too. I feel music is just as important to me as fashion or my newely acquired Lula Mag! The pictures is of Beach House who, if I haven't turned you on to yet, are amazing. I also added a Genesis song to make the Captain happy.

In other news: I found a tailor and a cobbler! Time will tell if they live up to their good reputations. I bought some handmade sandals at the Brooklyn Flea and have to tweak them a bit.
Life is beautiful,let's share a little.
Joy D

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liz said...

awesome mix..I'm still waiting to get my platforms back from my cobbler..a good cobbler will be your best friend for life

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