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27 April 2010

Hayon Studio

Exquisite sounds to stuffy and lovely is too generic. Hayon Studio's work is kick ass! They work with different mediums and different forums and have a good humor about them.

Grid vases for Gaia and Gino





The Fantasy collection

1. I would love to display one of those Giron vases on my driftwood coffee table. Although I don't know what I would fill them with. The Captain suggested feathers. I like that idea of a bird in a cage. 
2. Awww, the nuclear family. Only made creepier by the child being dressed up like a stuffed animal. Hayon has a good sense of humor and am excited to see what figurines they create next.
3.This is the photo that triggered my interest. I found it at Another Magazine's blog. They always have something pretentious for me to sink my teeth into.
4. It reminds me of Alice and Wonderland and melancholy.
5. Ok my first impression: "How creepy!" After studying the photo a bit I notice the illustrations on the side. How beautiful!


Camper Shop in Tokyo
I am not a big fan of Camper's shoes. I prefer oxfords and heels to a sportswear shoe. (The exceptions are pictured below.) The store that Hayon designed almost convinces me to buy them. This is the point right? To enhance your craving to buy.  

Faberge Salon seems minimal and constricted. On the studios website they claim that they site Carrara marble as a resource in constructing this jewelry store. By coincidence am writing a paper right now on the quarry where the Carrara marble was first quarried. It is such a dry subject.....



1. I love fabric. Seriously, I just have two bins full. I have yet to do any discernible project with them
2+3.I like the pink men's shoe. I even thought about purchasing them but thought of San Francisco. So they go onto my Birthday wishlist! Hazaah! 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

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