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29 August 2009

Lots of lookbooks just came out you know, I've been a busy bee.


So the photos came out the other day of Jason Schwartzman in the lastest Band of Outsiders' duds. I love them but instead of posting boy stuff I wanted to post a couple of girlie installments that they posted early last month. Even though Jason Schwartman out does Marissa Tomei. The last picture is from a previous collection but I just love Sarah Silverman to bits.

Will I ever make it to a fashion week before I die? Probably not but I think each night during the festivities I will pick and choose. There is more attention on these shows this year so I am finding it hard on what to pick. Just indies and not well knowns? I am still figuring it all out in my blogging head. STAY TUNED, TUNES!

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