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22 August 2009

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Benign journal entry + music video!
I woke up today feeling super groggy. As the Captain threw himself out of bed and into some decent clothes for work I laid in bed feeling slouchy. Have you ever felt completely slouchy, like a sloth? Well, I am over it now but it took some Au Revoir Simone to get me going. I am very much in love with them right now. I know they have been out for a while. I have loved them since the begining but right now I can't take their music away from my ears. I'm listening to the Drums also. The walls are so thin in my rickshaw apartment that my roommate May could hear it and was whistling along. She is a sweet girl and doesn't mind the music that I play constantly but I hate disturbing others in the morning and late at night. Yesterday I sent my appeal to my advisor so hopefully all checks out. I am crossing my fingers. here is a video featuring the Drums.

If you are in the Baltimore area you should check out this show (picture below). The show features two side projects from our friends' band Future Islands. My boyfriend (the Captain)DB, and C-dog are throwing it at his house. They really work hard together to put on great shows. Everyone says they enjoy themselves and that is absolutely wonderful that I can share experiences with them. There is also a Variety Show on the 4th floor proper. Get at me for the details! Here is the poster for the show...


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