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17 August 2009

If Emo kids got soul, rythmn, and some disco they would come close to Friendly Fires. As you know, if you have been reading, I am a big music nerd. Anything I don't know I want to know, that includes genres I am not too fond of. Friendly Fires have been featuredon music blogs as early as and I listened here and there. I just started looking at their music videos. I don't typically watch music videos at all, I have been scarred by MTV. Their music videos make me happy inside and although that might seem like a hippie comment it is true. There is a return to dancey-dance music that I am so ready for. I went to a "noise show" abotu a month ago and they were doing some heavy drone and trance combos. I can't wait!!!

The second video is a remix done with Au Revoir Simone covering Paris, get the picture now? I love ARS, I have seen them twice live. Now what the fuck triggered this post again? Oh yea! Daul Kim's blog: I Like To Fork Myself

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hrose said...

i have to admit that i'm woefully uneducated about kistune... i'm doing a bit of internet searching now though, hopefully i'll come up to speed! i'd love to trade mixtapes, you have excellent taste too!


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