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30 June 2010

Q.What the F&@K is I play faves? A.I don't know.

I recently got fired. And then talked to a few friends after the silly event and found out about that a friend had been fired just hours before she was leaving. "WTF", I though to myself. Why are people so cruel? Why do people make it hard on people?
Answer: Privilege somehow translates to power.
This happens in fashion just like everywhere else. I am kind of over it. I am over the dramaz, sort of speak. But why Joy? Aren't you overacting just a little? Fashion is fickle right?

Answer: Right! I would be one naive blogger if I didn't know that fashion is about the moment. I am just sick of living in it. I am exhausted. It started a couple of months ago when I was in a rut about what to post about. If you are reading this and not familiar with my blog: I basically post pictures from other sources and comment on them. (It is a typical low rate blog, I get that.) But I was finding it hard to find inspiring things. Regardless of how long my posts are I write and share only what I really like. I am finding it hard to find things I really like. Is it because I am getting older? Or perhaps I am just over it?

Answer: That couldn't be more wrong. I love fashion but I think my brain confuses it with style, regularly. This confusion has landed me in a creative pickle. I don't want to splatter my face and body on my blog with a "cute look" because I don't think that is all that blogging is. I was recently inspired by both Steve from Style Savage and Susie Bubble's postings about Pitti Uomo. Never before had I been interested in Pitti. Then I had a realization. It wasn't about Pitti, it was about the writers. They truly enjoy what they post about. I was engaged in every report about ceramic lapels and reinvented casual. I became inspired by what I read.

Since then I have been looking for new employment and also looking for a new home for myself. It has been loaded with stress and I haven't thought about fashion or style or this blog for a few days. Real life has taken precedent over e-life and I don't care about that. I am most concerned about the blogging climate these days....

I love my blog friends who seem more realistic than high profile bloggers and have much better things to say. They are a great reference for friendship just as my friends in real life. I have taken caution in not bashing a blogger or a certain group of bloggers because that is not why I write this. I write this to say I am sorry for posting subpar musings. I am sorry for making promises that haven't been kept. I would rather go a week without posting than subject any reader of this blog to fluff. I call it fluff, you call it what you will.

In turn, things might be a little bit different around these parts as I have plenty more time on my hands to create. Once I get moved into a new place I will start posting, on occassion, vlogs but that is further down the road. At first I was going to shut down this here blog of mine but I thought it would be a shame to let go of one of the only outlets I have to express myself. Sorry for the wordy post, if you read it, I thank you.

SEE YOU SOON READERS! And Remember....
Life is beautiful, let's share a little.
Joy D.

3 comment(s):

What's this? said...

It is crowded out there, but there are still people out there (like yourself) that offer a unique prospective.

I think fashion and blogging move at a very fast moment, so keeping fresh for the sake of keeping fresh is sort-of futile when everyone else is at it! I've never got that impression from your blog and that's a big reason of why I like it (also it's not overloaded with bows, cupcakes and musings on your darling, amazing boyfriend - gag).

I keep reading, so please keep posting! You're not sub-par to me!

ps- Sorry to hear about the firing, it happens to the best of us. I'm sure something better will come of it :)

etoilee8 said...

Being fired sucks. As a freelancer I am always close to unemployed. That sucks too. Life is frustrating, isn't it?

InnyVinny said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, lovie. That sucks. Majorly. But, if you're sick of the game, the best thing for you is to stop playing. Hopefully the next thing is a better suit to your tastes.

And I completely agree with you about certain types of bloggers grabbing my attention and devotion. No knocks, some just seem more personable than others.

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