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04 June 2010

Remember when I went to New York?: The whole story

My first stop was the Met. Dillon, Tassey, and I all went to see the photo collage exhibit. Dillon lead us straight to it as we arrived kind of late. I was instantly inspired by the stories and images themselves. A lot of these collages were done by women. This was something I didn't know as most books allude to this being a male dominated medium. Sorry for the blurry pictures I was getting used to my awesome new point and shoot.

Then insanity ensued! We went to an Indian restaurant on the Lower East Side and someone had a birthday. I give props to this restaurant. No cheesy happy birthday song for them, no! We ate amazing food there and drank some pretty good beer and then it was off to sleep for us. Did I mention I got lost underground for 2 hours upon arrival into the city?! Talk about ridiculous.

Saturday was a two parter. First I went to the opening of the Brooklyn Flea. I bought plastic letters, a red crotched maxi dress, a Harry Nilsson album, a Thrill Jockey vhs, and shoes by Nina Z. I also bought some books for the captain and myself. I was impressed by the selection. I also had to keep replenishing my wallet to buy more! But I resisted buying for things after I bought a few magazines. What I could not resist was a vegan hot dog at a kiosk. I forget which one I got but it was so so good!

This is Kamau and Zephorah. I walked in on them completing a set for Kamau's portfolio. My profile picture on the top right of the blog was snapped by him. He has a great spirit and an awesome pink bathroom! He made sushi and it was fantastic! The place setting really set the mood for a good time. I loved hanging out with them because we talked about Chris Rock and Tiger Woods and other ridiculous pop culture happenings.

On my last day I tried to visit the Robert Geller pop-up shop that Assembly New York was hosting but after waiting a half hour, and consuming oodles of coffee, I left. However, I did get to explore Tassey's shop Sprout Home. She was busy opening the shop so I snapped a few photos of the outside vegetation. I am so happy for her and that she has been able to grow this store. I also here she has an star quality clientele. I also went to see The Tim Burton exhibit but it was sold out so I explored the photography exhibits and I was instantly immersed. I guess the old saying is right, things happen for a reason.

all photos taken by Joy D.

Life is beautiful, let's share a little.

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he made own sushi, niceee... every saturday is a sushi day...
btw thanks for the show rec, will netflix it!

Amy T said...

oo the images from the photo collage exhibit looks pretty cool. i love the first image.

ooo sushi, i've been craving it all week. i think i need to stop being lazy and go and get some!

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