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09 June 2010

Day 1: Welcome to San Francisco friends!

We were greeted by the awesome weather. Back home it was a constant 90 degrees in my humid box building. We got beer and headed to a cookout. With out Sarah we wouldn't have been able to stuff our faces. Did I tell you I did not sleep the night before. I was working on 2 hours of sleep by the time we arrived at the bbq but I was so excited. I convinced Enid to come hang out and I am glad she did.
a true bestie, Enid H. to my left. And there is me in a salmon colored

Jason grilling great handmade burgers and buns.

Cheers! Those strawberry magaritas were amazing. 
That is Chris to the left and Sarah, out first host.

 The walk home was amazing.
Joy D.

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