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11 June 2009

Enamored by the Disturbing Nature of: US Maple

Ask an average music lover who US Maple is and they they will have no clue. No they are not from my home town but me and the captain were watching you tube videos of them the other night and I had to spread the noise. If, at the very least, to give awareness about how amazing they are and the fact that their documentary seems to have been shelved. This band, amongst others, is an example of a chunk of time in music I haven't explored. In the 90s I was only interested in MTV. This was followed by an obsession to find "new" and "different" music. So in my quest some bands I rarely listened to, US Maple was one of them. I remember some of their songs but have never seen them live. At the time of their hey day I was less interested in live shows and more interested in zine writing (aka staying in my room working on things).

The Untitled work about US Maple.

Everyone gets off on saying they have an indescribable sound. BS! They deconstructed music, in turn creating a new sound that is equally listenable and unlistenable. The Captain has probably seen them live a thousand and one times. He was very much into live shows. Now there really isn't anything to replace either of our (maybe just mine) cravings. That is when we come to this awesome idea for a documentary. The you tube preview left me wanting more but the last time the director updated was on his myspace nearly a year ago. What's up with that?

Why do they inspire fashion? I guess they don't. I didn't even know what most of the band members looked like until a few days ago. They are all much older now but I still have a special place in my musical heart for them. Plus....I hear they still got it and always will.

Joy d.

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