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13 June 2009

You go girl (#2)

Excluding the bag I love this look. It is a weird combo but I think it works well here.
Where: Chictopia Username: growtrees

Not too sure about the flip flops but I am all for the pants and hat. The hair adds a little somethin' somethin'.
Where: Username: N/A

What can I say? This is amazing. The look is made soft by the layered maxi skirt. Check the glasses dude!
Where: Chictopia Username: acizgirl

Emma Nygren, you are awesome. I would love for her to be a stylist and teach a lesson in dressing oneself. She is a true inspiration to me.
Where: Emma Nygren.

Ok, so I have seen this girl around on some street fashion blogs especially Street Walker (twice in a row) but I love this look! If I had the balls, I would wear this. It is almost Greek goddess like.
Where: Streetswalker Who: Unknown

While I find hyper inspirational Chictopia is stepping up its game. This look is no exception. Look at the great pop the pink gives! The coat is so drapey, which we all know is something I love.
Where: Chictopia Username: fashion geometry

You go girl #1
Joy D.

2 comment(s): said...

I love the craziness, and eccentricity of all of these outfits. Fab!!1

kiss kiss!
hope to hear from YOU :)
-amy :)

hrose said...

that last outfit is wow! the pink really does give a pop of colour, it is such a gorgeous gorgeous shade. i like lookbook better, personally, although all these examples from chictopia are making me think it might have more potential than i give it credit for!

thanks for the comment, i love the combination of burnt orange and royal blue as well... very regal.

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