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17 June 2009

Give me a Break: Tribal Punk?

I am neither a punk or a person in a tribe but I think the term is stupid and a little offensive. What the f**k is tribal punk? I am getting really annoyed by the American obsession to nickname a new trend. Just because you can't pin point a certain style does not mean it isn't valid to the person wearing it. This is what leads many educated fashion readers to jump the boat of American publications and head across seas. Australia, France, China, Korea, Japan... I could go on and on. I love my country but it isn't without its major kinks. Fashion Editing and publication is one and it makes me a little sad. We, as Americans, used to have such a hold on the fashion world through our publications and editors but we are turning into a joke. I am sorry to rant and I see I am running a little long on my wording so I will conclude in a few. Anyone has the potential to get up and make some changes to the declining state of our fashion publications. (I for one would love to contribute to the fashion journal WORN.)

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Miriam said...

i love daisy lowe!

joy said...

she does have consistent style. I am not trying to bash the individuals in the picture but the idea they are representing for WWD.

Miriam said...

i love daisy lowe!

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