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01 April 2010

Last weekend was AWESOME

Rarely do I use caps, it was highly necessary.
I took a bunch of drunken pictures and edited the good ones.
Now I am back to a month and a half of school.
Yes I have started the tedious countdown to no more school.
It is an age old tradition.

In other news Daria is definitely being released in May on DVD.
It will be my big purchase before I leave for Cali.
I am oozing with excitement.

Tonight I am seeing a riveting documentary on Picasso at a local theater.
How do I know it is riveting?
It has been recommended to me by friends and bloggers a like.
That is why. I trust them to tell me what is hot or not.
A lengthy review might follow.

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liz said...

this looks amazing! the first two pictures- this looks like a punktastic party loft. love it.

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