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08 February 2011

Two ways/ New ways: an outfit post

I was having a lazy weekend and began one of many of the actual remixes for the 30x30 project. This project was the product of Kendi, a lovely blogger with a cute sense of style. I miss bloggers who wear cute things and try less to try to hard and where a huge heel wherever possible. is Friday's ensemble.

Jean jacket: Levi's/ Sweater: Blarney/ Shorts: dimestore/ Tights: H&M/ Shoes: Cougar/ Grey shirt underneath: Hanes/ Scarf: Yokoo
I went out to the bar with my friends and needed something different. Since starting this remix project I have been obsessed with this sweater jean jacket combo. It is the perfect layering escape from my military trench which will show up on the blog eventually. The first picture showed up a little blurry but I still like it, its homey right? Walking down the street in my neighborhood I got plenty of stares. I thought to myself: "Yes, I know I am wearing shorts but I have these awesome sweater tights on so it is okay." I think in run on sentences. 

Jean jacket: Levi's/ Sweater: Blarney/ Skirt: gift/ Tights: H&M/ Shoes: Cougar/ Grey shirt underneath: Hanes/ Scarf: vintage
So Saturday morning, with no hangover, I managed out of the house pretty early. I got some amazing book and some yummy food and met up with friends. Not much has changed in these pictures, not even the location! But really though who wants to see my silly backyard, you do? Well I will brave the cold weather just for you. I swapped the shorts for a DIY-esque skirt. It is a circle scarf I got at the last IFB. I swapped one pair of Cougars for another. Also I switched the accessories and added MY cat! As crazy as she is I love her to pieces. 

Life is beautiful, let's share a little. 

Joy D.

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